Does unlocking Zandalari trolls require the raid?

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They have learned from the Ion to expertly divert the questions this is so ridiculous and annoying.

(Lashrael) #42

Why can’t blizzard be clear about the subject? Christ, it’s getting frustrating at this point. The only reason I bought this expansion was the zandalari, cause I wanted to play as one since MoP. Otherwise I’d be playing other games, cause you see, BfA is not that much of a success.

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(Oriendaria) #45

it’s not though

(Haven) #46

Pretty sure the blues are doing roshambo to see who has to break it to everyone. Can’t blame them, I wouldn’t want to be the one to throw myself on the sword.

(Leronar) #47

Unless they sneak in a new achievement, it does not going off the PTR. It requires Exalted with the Zandalari Empire, Zandalar Forever, and Tides of Vengeance(Which is obtainable WITHOUT doing the raid quest. You are given the achievement upon completing the quest prior to entering the new raid).


Flagship races STILL not available, what a joke.


In otherwords, no. They’re not out yet.

(Rhielle) #50

Again… not what we’re experiencing:


I want zandalari and KT as much as everyone else but the whining is ridiculous. We didn’t even know KT were going to be a race at Blizzcon, so everyone claiming we’ve been promised them since Blizzcon is either ignorant or intentionally lying. The counterpart to zandalari at Blizzcon were dark iron dwarves.


Can’t tell if trolling or dumb. We have known Zandalari and Kul Tiran were going to be playable races since August.

(Hazzulu) #53

How is it time gating? They aren’t available until patch 8.1.5 which isn’t out yet. By that argument literally every piece of content is time gated.

(Kargyraa) #54

And you’ve (collectively) been extremely vague on when this 8.1.5 is supposed to be.

(Starblööm) #55

A feature that was advertised since last summer should not take this long to be put in the game.

I take it you play phone games as well? This is just too much time gating for sub races and features…

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Imagine how many people bought BfA purely off the hype of Zandarli and Kul’Tirans only to find out they won’t have access to them for another 8 or 9 months.

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Ah, a blizz post within the first hours about someone that cant read.

When are you going to address real questions that you haven’t already answered blizzard?

(Vixie) #58

Because he said when it’s coming - 8.1.5 and today is not that patch.

Why is this that hard to understand?


The wait sucks, but I’m at a point of apathy about it now. I wish more clear info would come out about to what extent raiding is related to unlocking the two races. Can the quest be done in LFR if a quest is needed?

New races out on Tuesday?
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There have been many advertised things that didn’t show up until much later, or even things that were advertised that were scrapped entirely. We’ve been told for a while now they’d be coming in 8.1.5, it’s not 8.1.5 yet so everyone should take it down a notch.

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I got the achievement Tides of Vengeance before Talanji offered me the paltry 2k AP quest to defeat Jaina.

Please unravel this conundrum with more wowhead posts, MVPs!