Do you want to treat symptoms or the disease?

That is true. People play the 2005 ruleset in a new 2020 way. That doesn’t mean the game will be re-designed for 2020 players. Nobody offered to do that. Blizzard never offered to do that. So we have 2020 players, playing a 2005 ruleset.

NOBODY has ever said that Classic cannot be “improved”. Not even Blizzard – after all, they DID improve Vanilla many, many times.

But we dot accept the unspoken claim “anything that is not perfect must be improved”. That simply is not true. Especially not Classic.

Besides, there are as many different definitions of “improved” as there are players. Even if it was a player-defined game, there would be endless debate about each change. Luckily, it is not player-defined so the debate is irrelevant.

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Blizzard has made plenty of changes to vanilla in classic where the game is obviously broken. Look at AV or Black Lotus.

Being able to over double your damage and kill Anub’Rekhan before locust swarm or kill Heigan before a dance phase definitely qualifies as obviously broken to me. There is no way the game is improved by this.

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Don’t collect them.

That goes against the entire design of the game as a cooperative team effort where you do what you can to improve your character and help the team.

Except in this case, the improvement completely breaks the game in half.

Look at major private servers like Kronos, they disabled world buffs in Naxxramas with very good reason.

Run with a group that also doesn’t collect buffs. Run with a group that uses buffless runs as a metric to measure their progress.

Players make their own content in Classic. Look at the myriad of ways players can choose to clear any of the raid content compared to the options available for clearing any mythic encounter in retail. Retail is the “on rails” style of encounter that you’re looking for, the type of content with precisely one right and best answer. Classic offers content that can be cleared in 5 hours with a janky comp filled with buffless and consumeless meme specs, or in 18 minutes by optimized, speedrunning, meta fanatics. Both groups kill the bosses. Both group get their weekly loot.

If world buffs bother you, find like minded company and ignore them.

So people who break the game in half with stuff that nearly triples their damage and gives their healers infinite mana and their tanks way more HP should get the same rewards?

And people should do hard mode for no reward?

It’s obviously busted and in no way intended by the designers. Good private servers fixed this, it has nothing to do with vanilla.


So go stack buffs to make it easier. Run with 15 warriors and ban all the meme specs.

So don’t use them.

Weird that they’d put them in the game. Flasks are probably unintended raid buffs as well.

if you can heal the symptom but not effect the cause
its quite a bit like trying to heal a gunshot wound with gause
if you instead attempt to rest the pistol from the hand
Then I would not be able to equate my life with sand

Join a guild that doesn’t care if you choose to not pull your weight :slight_smile:

The moment people started stacking world buffs for raids (TBC 2.0) they were disabled the next patch. The buffs were intended as a fun bonus you occasionally got.

You’re just repeating the same bad arguments, we’re obviously not going to see eye to eye here.

How about none of the above.

Rez dispelling began in response to the groups that massed around entrances and other places in BRM taking out any of the opposing faction that dared to appear. And we’re not just talking about the P2 shenanigans.

Rez dispelling is a PvP solution to a PvP problem. Don’t like it? Go hold hands on a PvE server where it’s impossible to dispel buffs on an unflagged player.

Why are PvPers such whiny babies?

I’d like to see a quote from the way back machine where the devs explained what their intent was with world buffs.


Nobody is forcing you to get them. Go raid without them and save some time. I don’t understand.


You mean he can choose to forego world buffs if he doesn’t like them?

What is this craziness?

May 22nd 2007

“* Fengus’ Ferocity, Mol’dar’s Moxie, Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Slip’kik’s Savvy and Spirit of Zandalar these buffs will no longer work”

Are you kidding? 90% of guilds require them. Even in guilds that don’t require them people will get angry about “carrying” people that don’t get them.

No one wants to let their team down. Unfortunately in not letting your team down you also break the game in half and make it far less fun to raid and end up back to afk-ing in Stormwind much sooner.

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Why are you quoting something from TBC? The discussion is world buffs designed in VANILLA to work in VANILLA. You are playing CLASSIC which is a recreation of VANILLA.

Where are the quotes from the devs that explained what their intent was with world buffs? IN VANILLA?

In vanilla no one stacked them for raids and they were just a fun bonus. Why would the devs comment on something that no one was thinking about in vanilla?

It’s only now in 2020 that people are breaking the game with them.

It’s pretty telling that when people actually started to stack them they were immediately disabled.

Clearly people have to bow to the whims and play the no buffers ways

They arent mature enough to make that choice for themselves. Video game choices are tough lol

People don’t play WoW in a vacuum, this is a social game designed around improving your character to help your team.

Disabling world buffs in raids is about the health of the game. The raids are blatantly not designed around them. The #1 complaint about classic is “content is too easy”.

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