Do you want to treat symptoms or the disease?

TBC and Wrath, the better versions :smile:

As much as I love Classic, can’t wait for TBC/Wrath servers when/if they come.


TBC arena is sooo good. I like wrath too, but TBC > Wrath for one reason only… No Death knights ruining my caster play.

TBC arena > Wrath Arena agreed. Everything else Wrath > TBC (with one exception… the removal of Naxx 40… still salty about it… hope one day in Retail they can add a bronze dragon to all zones affected by the Cataclysm so you can go back to them, same with dungeons that were butchered like Deadmines and UBRS).

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Then, it’s possible that World Buffs in Classic is better than no World Buffs in Retail.

Watching the guild coordination discord on grobbulus blow up after alliance did that was very entertaining. Brings back memories of phase 1 PvP. Some ppl just don’t understand.

Edit: fixed

Classic is not a game whose rules get changed “to improve Classic”.

Many players DO NOT WANT the Blizzard changes, which changed Vanilla in to TBC into…eventually, BFA. That is why Classic exists – to let players play the old game WITHOUT “changes to improve it”.


Not being able to grief an enemy with offensive dispels contradicts the notion of the focus of a PvP realm.Does it not?Perhaps it is disingenuous or cruel act of behavior, but that is how the game was originally designed.People such as whoever the suspect is that continuously offensively dispelled has been punished by a crime that is without a doubt a form of harassment or grief, but that doesn’t ignore the fact that those individuals that this all started with are playing on a “PvP” realm.Such an awkward situation to be in by following how the game has been built to be then become punished.This speaks in volumes of how this community has become along with the GM’s.I’m not siding on anyones behalf, but this whole situation is just weird to me having played this game since 2005 while still playing to this day.

You can say ‘museum piece’ or ‘warts and all’ but in 2005-06 the people who would get world buffs for raids were a vanishingly small minority, not 90% of guilds.

This problem is unique to classic, it was never a thing in vanilla.


I do agree with your sentiment.

they treated it. go play retail and have fun!

Pieces at a museum can be appreciated differently as time goes on, that doesn’t change the content.


No, they don’t. In every video game ever made people have been happy about ‘god mode’ or being ‘OP’ and in all of those video games they’ve had the option to NOT do so.

No way should Blizzard step in and take action on the biggest and most obvious player made problem. This, more than anything else, is 100% a player made issue.


No changes.

Don’t like buffs; don’t use them.

World buffs were around back then, and they weren’t some massive controversy.

The game reflects exactly what it was (more or less) back in the early days of WoW. It is not the game that has changed, but the average player. Expectations and how games are played have vastly changed, min/maxing is no longer a small population, but the norm.

If you don’t like world buffs, then don’t use them. Asking them to be removed is asking them to make a drastic change that goes against the spirit of the original content.

Like, seriously. Raiding is PvE content. What’s it to you if another player or guild operates a certain way? If people want to log out for a week to preserve their buffs, let them. That’s how they choose to play. If they want to “trivialize and dumb down” things, that’s their business. Asking for a whole aspect of the game to be removed just because someone doesn’t like that isn’t how it should work.

As for dispellable buffs, that’s not even an issue. Again, don’t ask for sweeping game changes for one small person’s experience. If people don’t want their buffs dispelled, then they shouldn’t be on a PvP server.

Nothing in the game is mandatory. Your response is pedantic and meaningless.


The willi.e video on youtube explains in detail what part of Dispelling should be changed or be at least a slap on the wrist. A macro that lets you ressurect and dispell has 0 PvP response; before you can react youre dispelled even if you watch the guy res and you hit him with an instant cast; SPELL BATCHING will still remove your buffs.
Fixes -

  1. Remove spell batching
  2. Make it so you can take insignias from people in open world for 5-25 copper like in battlegrounds so you can force release a dead camper.
    Edit: Otherwise theres no issue on PvP servers…you can call out in guild that theres a priest running around MV dispelling. Its the “Ressurect+Dispell” macros that have 0 response to them.

LOL do people honestly believe this?


You are like a guy that pours a coke into the ocean and declares the ocean is now made of coke.

Nah, the 1.12 patch and 15 years of game knowledge did that. World buffs just add to it. But, world buffs are a primary conflict driver for PvP servers so it’s vitally important they remain unchanged.

Thanks Sherlock Holmes. Wouldn’t have figured that one out without your insight