Do you think the Sethrak and Mechagnome fanbase will ever get along?

It made zero sense for nightborne to join the Horde. They wanted to go Alliance, Alliance wanted them to go Alliance.

But, get this: Devs play Horde and wanted nightborne. So they made Tyrande say something that hurt Thalyssra’s feelings and now they’re okay with killing us. It’s apparently that easy.

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It actually made all the sense in the world; the nightborne were a fundamentally different people then the night elves and whose issues were shared by the blood elves.


It didn’t. The nightborne wanted to join the Alliance. They didn’t want to join the Horde.

Shoehorn in one argument and bam, we have Horde nightborne.

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claiming people wanted “mechagnomes” longer just because blizzard decided to give them the same name seems kinda silly to me. There’s a pretty huge difference between mechagnomes and “mechagnomes”


Until the devs put in more story that would have made it make sense.

I’m not sure why it needs to be pointed out to people that this isn’t real life and the storywriters can add whatever they want to move the story forward however they like.

Did you actually play through the suramar quest chain? Because outside of a vague resemblance the Shaldorei don’t have anything in common with their kalimdor cousins.

You’re being vague. What are you referring to, specifically?

Did you actually play through the allied race recruitment? Because the Nightborne came to the Alliance first, but Tyrande rejected them. All the writers would have to do for Nightborne to be Alliance is not pull that out-of-character bs.

They decided that Nightborne were going to be Horde, and then they wrote what needed to happen for that to take place. They could have done the exact same for Sethrak.

The issue is that the Sethrak that would have been joining either the horde or the alliance would have been the Devoted, and canonically the horde does far more to help them then the alliance did, so it would have been them that they joined.

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Sure, unless something happened to push them to the Alliance (who they’ve also had positive interactions with in the past) instead. Like, say, the fact that the Horde was led by a homicidal maniac at the time?

Your problem is that you’re pretending the story in this game just happens organically. It doesn’t - every step is deliberately written by people that are trying to reach a specific conclusion, usually for gameplay purposes rather than story.

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it made total sense that vulpera and sethrak would be split among us. God, it’s a disappointment.

Did it really though? Blizzard was doing allied races that had been based on their parent races in some fashion or another. Even though vulpera is a new race, it does still use the goblin skeleton. However maybe the problem really was the Vulpera. Perhaps we should have gotten gilgoblins instead.

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Sethrak are based on the worgen female skeleton.

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Yes, but that would be for a undead/worgen combo. Not so much a goblin/gnome combo.

Wouldn’t pairing up the worgen-based race and the goblin-based race have made more sense? Them being the two Cata races.

You’re completely ignoring basically everything we see and expierience with suramar leading up to that; the struggles with mana addiction, the casual use of magic in day to day life, overcoming a deranged leader who is in league with the legion… All of these are echoes of the Blood elves.

And beyond that, where are the cornerstones of the night elf values in Suramar, the reverence for nature and the worship of Elune?

Lastly, Tyrande’s attitude is 100% in character with how she is slow to forgive and given that she could reasonably interpret the actions of Suramar as cowardice It’s easy to see how this would be a deeply engrained grudge.

The allied race ui doesn’t have it set up that way. The pairing has been set up in such a way for races that are allied in opposition with each other. Kind of like goblins and gnomes. Furthermore. Sethrak makes more sense as a horde race.


I mean that they don’t have anything in common; There values, there way of life, their expieriences… all of the thing that make them a people are fundamentally different from one another.

All of this is kind of invalidated by the fact that Tyrande has already let Highborne rejoin night elf society. I didn’t notice the Shendralar practicing a lot of nature magic and Elune worship, but somehow night elves can play mages now? :thinking:

All of it also invalidated by the point you chose to ignore: they came to the Alliance first. Obviously they weren’t really thinking too hard about their similarities with blood elves until they didn’t have another choice.

That’s an incredibly flimsy connection.

Yes, feel free to read the rest of the thread.

The other end of it is that of the allied races, 2/3 come from the zone associated with our faction, so extrapolating from that the only other two races we could have gotten from Kul-tiras would have been either bristleback or troggs.

The next also is. If it was going to have goblin/worgen connection. Why not have gilgoblins/ankoan or vulpera/ankoan. We already have races that are suited for living in the desert quite well. What we don’t have are aquatic races. This would have been the perfect expansion to introduce these two races. And jinyu have been requested since mists.