Do you think the Sethrak and Mechagnome fanbase will ever get along?

On one hand you have the Mechagnome fanbase who feels like the Sethrak fanbase only want Sethrak cause they hate mechagnomes. On the other hand you have the Sethrak fanbase who doesn’t even believe the Mechagnome fanbase exists and was robbed of their desired AR. However…

Then you have some who are in the middle who wanted full mecha sethrak with a mechagnome brain controlling this Mecha sethrak Hivemind. Is there ever going to be a common ground between these folks?

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I lose sleep every night thinking about just this.


Sethrak would’ve been such a cool AR. I don’t care which fraction they would’ve gone to. I just wanted them playable.


I hear you. My therapist says he’s beginning to get concerned about my obsession with this matter.


Have you thought that maybe they just want Sethrak because they think it would be cool?


this is a fallacy called straw-man.

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I don’t know all those ‘Sethrak should have replaced Mechagnome’ threads have me really aware of this conflict.



The pit vipers have been relentless in their salt mines.

Lol there is no mechagnome fanbase. 10 people isn’t a fanbase.

I couldn’t care less about Sethrak because they don’t make sense for alliance. Ankoan on the other hand should have been in the mechagnome’s place.


Sometimes I wonder if these people actually literally mean only a few people like mechagnomes or are they literally that ignorant to realize there are thousands of people who like mechagnomes?

The mechagnome discord has 53 people by the way. Higher than the ogre one.


My issue is with Vulpera. Horde should have gotten snek boys, not foxkin whose one trait, culture and lore is ‘scrappy’.

Edit: Conversely, Vulpera could have gotten fleshed out as well as the Sethrak did. But they didn’t. They’re just cute and peppy. Blegh. Sethrak on the other hand have a far reaching history and stuff.

I think it’s weird that people can’t like two separate things and not get along, but the WoW community is pretty “special” when it comes to, well, anything ever at all.


I had no idea people even liked MG. I remember them being highly disappointing and a slap to the face of the alliance. especially after the racial nerf :rofl:


This thread has been around for a few months now.

The 3 alliance, yourself included, who have a diaper gnome will get over it.


I remember that when it first came out now that I think about it…kinda unsubed for a bit. I always got a kick at how few people posted there the first few weeks. But at least are a few more by now.

I just want a sethrak. We can keep mechagnomes for the 2 people who play them, but that isn’t “adding grit” to the Alliance like Ion hinted. Sethrak would have been that. They are SO cool.


It was somewhat rough in the first few weeks, but there is a bunch of people who frequently have expressed interest in mechagnomes. Even some rping them in the thread. I even checked and just about everyone I’ve seen posting there, isn’t just the same person on alts.

I’m honestly kind of amazed at how much hate the mechagnomes still get at this point, but I guess some people can’t get over their pretentiousness.

But with that having been said, The issue with the vulpera and the Sethrakk is that both races had a high level of demand by the player base and that ~critically~ whichever race was ulitmately chosen it would be a horde race due to how the Voldun narrative was structured. So I suspect a decision was made on a combination of how easy it would be to do armor for both races and which one would fit best into the horde.

Now would I like to have the sethrakk available as a playable race? Absolutely. I’m just not sure what Blizz could put out that would prevent the alliance player base from throwing a tantrum.

Well when you put it like that…yes. Give me mecha sneks.

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