Do you "identify" with any of the Community Council members?

This is because these players are based in EU, and those characters cannot post on NA forums. Therefore they have to make an NA trial account - a few of them have mentioned their mains and servers if you want to look them up!

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…which isn’t really possible with the current queue system, by the way :laughing:

I got a good chuckle reading that guy’s comment in the issue, because the topic has already been discussed ad nauseum in the BGs forum and it’s almost always agreed that “not much can be done” about the issue.

He basically has a first-grade understanding of the issue… no, you can’t just create a “Premade Match” tab and expect people to voluntarily do the right thing (goes against human nature), premades DON’T want to fight other premades, they DON’T want opponents that can actually fight back, duh :laughing:

If you add a “Premade Match” tab, people… just won’t ever use it and continue to queue up versus pugs :joy:

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I have found the covenant system to work great with solo plays, get to try out nice builds and different stuff on alts. I like the gameplay feel, but it feels like solo play lacks and decent rewards. Tying that to alts is huge for solo play since the endgame solo player rewards are lacking and is tied to world content. To see any notible character growth being tied to group content is very frustrating. Especially when you don’t feel like dealing with pug attitudes/ getting pressured to run meta builds/specs. The world content stuff is often bland itemization wise and time-gated power wise. It feels like they just want to funnel players into premade content.

I have enjoyed mage tower though, I just think that it is mostly focused on hardcore mechanics, I think this is nice solo play but I feel like different difficulty modes would have worked in Mage Tower to be more inclusive to the spectrum of skilled players that play this game. Much like a singleplayer rpg sometimes people are not looking for a challenge but still want character growth. Wow’s power is heavily tied to gear and it would be nice to see other ways to progress ilvl besides coordinated group content, and timegated world content. I really feel like torgast could have offered something like that, in the form of gear, or at least competitive gear from stuff like vault loot.

I think stuff like covenant design is more appreciated when it doesn’t focus on group content, since groups tend to enforce metas, and solo players can choose to deviate from things if content isn’t tuned that tightly.


Big agree. Everything I have read there so far seems to be very dedicated players to their favorite part of the game. Absolutely a good thing.

Now if only they added a notable Frost Death Knight player to save our spec (and class) :frowning:

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Mirasol is a North American player and she is still using a low level alt.

What a sad take. You know WoW needs to support more playstyles to actually stop losing subs right?


I would gladly suggest Blizz to revert Frost DK back to Cataclysm, but I’m not sure everyone would be happy with that.

I just want to spam Obliterate all day and not have to think about the rest

I don’t even know who any of them are nor do I care. They are just an echo chamber to keep bouncing love for blizz.


Go read my intro! Frost DK is where my heart is!! It’s easily my favorite spec to play! I plan on making a post soon about some ideas I have to improve the spec!

I honestly don’t know why anyone would subject themselves to that. Sure you might not have 5 friends with tank and healer toons to run keys with but you can make friends or join a guild and at least get “accountable” people to do higher keys with.

I personally loved frost dks when we had the machinegun build in legion. I found that fun and satisfying. Ever since they swapped talents it feels more clunky.


Honestly, whats the point of the Community Council? I see zero blue post in there and that is the major problem.

Take the Mage Tower, its a complete shtshow and we have got what one blue post? They need to come out and just say what their vision of it is. Do they want it this hard? Are they going to nerf it? Why should we be forced to farm old content? Why are leggos and covenants spells disabled? This would take all of five minutes to post and yet we will see nothing.


From what I understand, the process right now is quite slow, with the invites still going out, and people getting to know the system as it is. Right now, we’re giving feedback, and responses should fire up hopefully sooner rather than later.

Yes, the same one I have used since I became a member of the Customer Support/ Tech Support MVP group in 2013. I was asked to pick ONE posting character and stick with that. Like many people, I did not want the internet breathing down my back in game on my main. I wanted to be able to relax and play in game - and did not want my guild bothered either. I did not tell them I was an MVP and most never knew. I also don’t always play the same main every expansion.

I selected Mira to be my posting char, and have stuck with it. Anyone who posts on the forums and has seen me, has known my by that name for many years. This char has a very long posting history that people can look up if they want. It is not new or hidden.

I COULD have changed it to an alt you guys don’t know, but I chose not to for transparency sake.

Thankfully, Blizzard has report, block, and ignore systems on forums or in game so if anyone does decide to be a jerk, I can deal with it. So far in all the years of posting green, the only rude comments are on the forums, which I am grateful for. It helps I don’t do Twitter, Facebook, Insta, etc.

I have explained all this quite a few times in the past. I don’t make a secret of any of it.


The whole gear gap in PVP was already solved back in Warlords of Draenor - the best gearing system for PVP in any expansion to date. The fact that this is a hard sell to Ion - just shows his arrogance, and and his unwillingness to focus on improving PVP. There shouldn’t need to be a lengthy post about how to fix the gear gap - It’s already been done once - just do it again.

‘‘People couldnt find the PVP vendor.’’

Actually, it was the tears from high rated players that wanted more rewards and gear advantages that caused Ion to revert the changes.

If you can get that man to make a good decision regarding PVP for all players - I’ll not only identify with you - but I’ll invite you over for Thanksgiving dinner.

PVP should never be about gear progression… It should be about progression.


I just went and read that post you were talking about OP. Typical raid logger post. “I want best gear to come from raid only!! only I matter weeee” I roll my eyes every time one of my raid logger friends mentions raid being the hardest content in the game, as if that is a good reason to deny everyone else in the game access to gear to do their preferred content. :face_vomiting:


We are similar in this way. I even chose an alt on my multiboxing account only used to farm gold.

On a personal level, it does take a lot of hard goldfarming to buy enough friends to raid heroic.


Cheaper to buy a carry from the president of the company, not the “prosident” mind you.

It will be hard to really tell by your posts if we align. Most of your recent posts seem to be arguing with others and defending Blizzard. I look forward to your posts in the community council forum about improving solo play and providing more quest lines and stories in game as opposed to anthologies and novels.