Do you "identify" with any of the Community Council members?

Let’s compare notes here, I’m genuinely curious on this…

Personally for my tastes, interests, and playstyle, I don’t.

I’m a fan of casual M+ (up to about +18 or so at the most) and I was expecting someone a bit more experienced in the CC, because so far the only member that has posted anything regarding M+ claims he “only achieved KSM for the first time in 9.1” and says he was helped “massively” (carried?) by his guild :thinking: I guess I was expecting someone that has actually gotten multiple KSMs/played every single affix combination - something along those lines.

In other words, he doesn’t really play M+ from the perspective of a solo/pug player grouping up thru the LFG tool/with random players like I do (…with all the frustration, random-ness, wipes, and “pugs gonna pug” antics that entails). There is ABSOLUTELY a difference between a coordinated/guildies group in voice comms and a group of no-voice randoms, the M+ experience is noticeably different between the two.

I also spend a lot of time in epic BGs as I prefer the format for my casual PvP fix/find it the most fun, and I haven’t seen a single CC member in any epic BG match… like ever? :laughing:

After a while, once you play enough matches, you get a pretty good idea who the “regulars” are on the BG charts (typically you see these players every night), and so far none of these CC member players fall into that category from what I see. If they do play, what odd hours are they playing?? 1 AM? 3 AM? 9 AM? I’m just not seeing them during the usual “prime time” hours in the afternoon :face_with_monocle:

What are your thoughts? Do you have anything “in common” with these Community Council players as far as your own personal playstyle/interests go?


Yeah, as someone who participates in all content up to the reward threshold (15+'s, 1800 rated, CE) I seem to properly represented. I haven’t read anything I didn’t necessarily dislike or disagree with and it seems like they’re all shooting for general improvements to current content, which is fine.

I don’t think you’re ever going to find that perfect community council person you’re going to vibe with 100% much like you won’t find a politician who represents all your political beliefs 100%.

With all that being said, it’s still too early to judge, seeing as the new forum is days old and not everyone has received invites.


NGL, I don’t have high hopes but I am absolutely loving the threads on that forum that are completely obliterating Blizzard’s bad design and choices.


So far most of them are actual players that play the game, (CE, top keys completed, etc etc)

Those are the people blizzard needs and listens to, not doomsayers on general discussion


That’s literally me :flushed: but I usually do up to around 20.

Despite mostly doing it in a group on my main, this would also be me because I pug on my alts keys I’m missing :flushed:


From what I’ve seen there haven’t been any roleplayers (Or I might have missed them). Thats my primary content although I dabble in mythics, heroic raiding, and PVP. I was at least hoping that some of RPers could try to advocate for stuff that would help make us happier. The rp community is kinda struggling right now (on my server IMO) and we are a rather consistent customer base…Maybe eventually?


Read over the intro posts there is at least one from Argent Dawn.


Ah you are right. My bad. Eh better than zero I guess. I hope they can represent the other two popular servers well (Moonguard and Wyrmrest Accord) along with their’s.

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It is the reason we are having the problems we have in WoW. Only listening to those types.


I haven’t paid any attention to the community council, tbh.

IF AND WHEN, they start to affect real change, then I’ll start caring.


Thats a fair response. Although we’ll see when they affect real change how it goes as well. 100 is a rather small sample size for opinions.

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Agreed 100%.


You can only get so much feedback about world quests and pets till it becomes repeated


I don’t identify with a single one to be honest. Not a single one seems to represent a world content casual, explorer, or someone that actually likes doing quests based on the introductions.

There is absolutely no way for me to know who is who just by visiting the forums. They are all cloaked under level 10 alts so you can’t see their profiles or if they actually fit their “intros.” This is the internet and no one can be taken at face value anymore.


That’s your opinion, I’m sure the pet battlers would disagree :slightly_smiling_face:


Haven’t seen anyone that generally likes solo playstyle. So for me no. I expect community council to focus on community and group interactions mostly. The solo playstyle largely stays away from that so it’s weird how they would fit on the council if there are any solo players.


There’s 2 ! :grin:



There’s lots of pvp talk which makes me happy.

That legit made me smile! Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Glad I was wrong. Thank ya’ll for proving me wrong

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People that actually play the game? Why are people that only do super duper elite content the ones considered to only play the game? How entitled and self important are you?