Do you "identify" with any of the Community Council members?

I don’t think it applies to retail at all, your whole post was around how botters make like difficult for non-bot farmers, but that isn’t true in retail because of the longer node sustain time after looting, and the fact that multiple people can loot.

There is NO SHORTAGE of flowers sitting around waiting for people to pick. People don’t spend time picking flowers, because it’s boring.

Should they reduce the potion herb cost to back where it was pre-Legion? Absolutely they should, we’ve been saying that since Legion beta. But farming bots are not a problem on retail. (Auction House bots, on the other hand, are a huge problem, but that never gets talked about on this forum because of how many AH botters use this forum and defend what they’re doing.)

nobody talk about traveling in Shadowlands zones , terrible design

Nobody’s talked about the problems of Mythic progression raiding, either, from the total failure of the great vault as applied to raiding, to the overly long and tedious Mythic boss fights, to the stupid “spreadsheet boss” problem that’s been a recurring issue since Ghuun.

For a “bunch of CE raiders” (as they’re being decried in this thread), none of them are talking about CE raiding.


Legion also had a vendor from which you could buy really big amounts of supplies by just doing dungeons, also potions were able to proc multiple in 1 craft. Both considerably lowered the cost of consumables.

I hear what you’re saying, and I agree- the last time I sank some serious time into retail was Legion, when they made the node changes (iirc) and that was a great move on their part. I do remember still seeing gathering bots back then, but not as many as before then, thankfully.

What I was specifically thinking about was the multitude of gifs I’ve seen of the endless boomkin armies farming raw gold, or the skinner bots. Not so much competing for resources, but rather inflating the economy.

The vendor also wasn’t added until later in the expansion.

Things were REALLY BAD for raiders at the start of Legion, when it came to pots.

i am a returning player (quit after firelands due to rl) and this boosting crap is certainly new and NOT healthy for the community. if i were a brand new player, i would have quit after loading into world: you are INSTANTLY blasted with booster ads (on mandrik, it averages 10 spams within 15sec of logging in) and get the impression that the game is ‘pay to win’. i tried playing through shadowlands and gave up; simply putting spammers on ignore is ENABLING the behavior so i report. PLEASE find away that we as a community can take action–if there’s a dev PROMOTING boosting in game, tell him to freaking stop enabling people to ABUSE that. kids are making real money off this system…DO SOMETHING <3
this game has let this issue spiral out of control.

It isn’t new, people have been selling carries for gold since vanilla.

The new thing is the scale of advertising, which is almost entirely from ONE group that has branch offices on every server with 20 people at once doing their constant carnival barking. (There’s a limit on how many messages you can broadcast per minute, so they get around that by having 20 people.)

And it was the cross-server community tool introduced in BfA that facilitated this.

If Blizzard would shut down that ONE group, then all of this would stop. But for some bizarre reason, they don’t.

…thats NOT the same sort of service that is being provided; i remember ‘carry’ guild/services back then and it’s deffo NOT like the stuff going on now. also, i don’t recall the majority of raids advertise ASKING for buyers or carriers rather than recruit folks for a team. as for this ‘one group’, i bet my money that it’s the same euro group that ruined other mmo’s…same group that also sells gold too. *coughs helen

I identify with Bluster and I think they’re presenting my position on PvP gearing well.

Then either you’re not remembering, or you played on a backwater server before realm connections where people didn’t bother. But selling carries for gold has always been a thing, people did it in Legion, people did it in Mists, people did it in Wrath, people have always done it.

And they advertised, too. They just did it on their server and only had 1 person doing it at a time.

This cross-server conglomerate advertising nonsense is what’s new.

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there was no cross realm bs on kj back in cata…

People are saying ‘there is noone they see on the council representing this’ and the council person who represents what they said there wasn’t someone representing has spoken up.

The OP is specifically asking about if people have a council person who represents the area of the game they are interested in, not to talk specifically about game problems.

So the responses that have been given are ‘on topic’ and showing there are council people representing the areas that people have said they didn’t think had representation.


um…writing 1 long post and then letting it sink into the void is hardly making an effort. being that this council system is new, i will be watching to see if this council member keeps the convo open and does everything they can to help fix it. what i would like to see is this group of council members really put some pressure on blizz to be more transparent and involved with GD.

Why are you saying this, a few posts down someone from the community says they were a solo player. And this was when we had very few posts made in there.

i am my own person. i don’t identify with your twitch ambassador influencer whatevers.

Because if casual content that people used to enjoy is trivialized, rewards made pointless, and reduced in quantity, while raids, mythic+, rated PvP and especially esports continue to get strong support, that is a blow to casuals that will drive many away from the game.

It’s not a matter of “screw you if you want to have gear but aren’t willing to do mythic raiding, it’s your own fault”. That is not a productive discussion to have.

If they don’t want to know why over half of players have left, they can’t address the issue. If you think the game should be about determining who is deserving and making sure they get what they deserve, while relegating the overwhelming majority to a situation where they never feel rewarded, you’re thinking like blizzard now.

You don’t play end game. If you did, given what you’ve told us is your playstyle, you’d want to be doing the sort of casual content that has been eliminated or made unrewarding or pointless.


Nope. It’s like they purposely avoided putting casual players on the council.


He’s OK, the only concern I have is there’s still no real mention of casual/unrated battlegrounds or even just the topic of new battlegrounds (especially) on the board.

So far I don’t see a single mention of epic battlegrounds (which have their own unique set of issues) anywhere on the CC board, as I mentioned in the OP.

Of course it’s still early and not all the invites have gone out. Hopefully there’s at least a regular or two that actually plays the content (epic BGs) that is qualified to comment on the current map imbalances and such.

actually, i raided quite a bit van-cata…i despise questing/rp…i just came back to the game so no, i have no updated ‘end game’ xp. did not know that was relevant to what i was saying *shrugs