Do you "identify" with any of the Community Council members?

The only one that I sit here and have seen and love is Bluster. I dunno the others well enough, but Bluster has an obvious concern for PvP and I appreciate them for it. Of all the people to wind up on the council with PvP as a concern who I would say I ‘identify with’, I’m glad it was Bluster.

Your post absolutely smacks of jealousy and malice.

Who cares what they’re exact history with M+? Did you agree with their point?

I personally thought it was well though out and made excellent points that could be potentially useful in upgrading the enjoyability of the game.

Lol, this type of nonsensical blind hate-filled posting is why Blizzard now needs to “screen” people to have a reasonable discussion with in the first place.

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I think there’s a good mix at least even if they don’t represent me completely. Blizzard is the problem we shouldn’t be getting mad at other players for their ideas. Its us players (council, retail, classic, whatever else) vs them blizzard.

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Not doing say mythic (anything) is a choice. I prefer to meet my fellow man, exchange greetings then…wipe them. for points. to buy more gear. to wipe them faster or have them wipe me not as fast lol.

WHy I favor the pvp…its more variable. Like today on a horde alt I am tryong to fix gear on. Some IOC’s alliance was bringing the A game to hangar takes. Okay…no hangar as they seem to ahve wanted more than we did lol. PLan B time. Alliance did it right so even some plan B’s had issues.

all good…I accept losses in pvp. Someone has to lose. If the other side jsut legit brought the stellar a game for them well that was a good match. And then you go and take notes to try to make sure that don’t happen again lol.

I honestly don’t know any of the shil . . . er, I meant “players” they hand picked for the community council, so I can’t say that I identify or not with any of them. However, unless one or more of them are super casual players that absolutely despise the current dev team and the direction they have forced WoW in, then I likely don’t identify with any of them.

Semper Fi! :us:


If you see many lvl 10, is because they are EU players, like me, that had to lvl a character to 10 on a trial account in order to post on the US server. Mine is lvl 41 cause i also played on NA servers. I also posted the link to my main in eu servers in my bio :slight_smile:

I do not relate to any of them even remotely. This is just more “face time” and more “we hear you”. 100% PR, 0% substance. Nothing will change. WoW has become a mindless corporate zombie that will follow the same pattern until the servers shut down.

The heart (Morhaime) and soul (Metzen) are gone. The stories are being written by people that never understood the world and have made no attempt to become part of it. The new authors think it’s their story now; they have destroyed beloved characters and replaced them with their own versions. There is no coming back from where they’ve taken the plot.

At best, we’ll get a Classic++ and spin off the story from there. Even that seems like a bad idea since the original vision has been lost.

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No one should care who has what achievements etc. The council wasn’t put together to be just a streamer/pro etc council, it’s was to represent the masses. But people should also not pretend to be something they aren’t and not be afraid to ask the community for help on something (this is just a general statement).

Since returning to WOW in 2019 I have been primarily focused on the battle pets aspect of the game. While I enjoy solo content, my time in WOW is motivated by collecting pets or battling pet pvp. I was happy to see 7 Council members mention battle pets (as of this post), with a least one person naming battle pet development as a specific goal. At the same time, I was concerned by what seems like minimal representation for the battle pet community. Thanks for this great question! Looking forward to seeing how things develop.

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If they get content for the game, that isn’t instanced treadmills ill be happy.

No but that’s a me issue.

Great to hear of another player that focuses on pet collecting! It’s one of my main focuses too. I do a lot of solo content. I have 1381 unique pets collected, but I have tons from this expansion to collect yet. There definitely needs to be more pets to collect, pet dungeons and achievements.



Of course Clark is entitled to have an opinion. I too have that same right and now shall share my own opinion on two things: first, denigrating something one does not participate in; second, the WOW battle pets experience, both collecting & pvp.

In my opinion it takes great blind hubris for someone to discount/denigrate a recreational activity that they do not participate in and therefore are likely to know little about. For example, I don’t play golf. How can I possibly intelligently critique the sport, players, & fans?

Now for my 2nd opinion - the battle pets aspect of WOW. I absolutely love it. I love wild pet battles, quests to obtain pets, pvp battles, and collecting. My ongoing efforts to obtain new pets leads me to engage in parts of WOW that otherwise I would have missed. Perhaps most of all. I love the brilliant battle pets community, how helpful experienced players are, the stellar online resources that have been developed, the sheer intelligence of so many players who explain the technical parts of the game.

Perhaps battle pets were not part of the original Vanilla WOW. I am grateful to the game developers for their creativity in adding components to WOW that enhance the experience of many players.

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It doesn’t matter anyway, they don’t appreciate or value feedback no matter who it is from or how much it is on repeat.

i would LOVE to see a CC member put more energy into getting blizz to improve communication with player base (not depend on CC only) and the boosting/gold selling. THIS is what scares of new players. blizz already offers boost services so it should NOT be an issue to ban the millions of accounts that make a living selling gold from the game.

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This is my position as well. This pear-shaped expansion is proof that player feedback has never been a concern for them and exists as the existential crisis the company is in. A community council isn’t going to fix that.

Have any of them talked about bringing back MoP/WoD systems? Those are the two things I’m most concerned with.

However, there are a couple that I can say resonate with my feelings towards the game.

Blockquote Haven’t seen anyone that generally likes solo playstyle

Just because you have not “seen” anyone is NOT a quantifiable observation. I would hope a “Community Council” represents ALL consumers of WOW. I work an intensive people focused day in a crisis job and find my solitary roaming of the WOW worlds de-stressing and enjoyable. Please do not speak for other styles of play that are different than your own.

I made this post centered around TBC realms, but re-reading it, I’m seeing a LOT of parallels ring true for retail, too.

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I would love to get the buff system back from mop :slightly_smiling_face:

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