Do you "identify" with any of the Community Council members?


what this person said. i figured i don't matter cause i don't push content and overall am not a good player. but like everything in life, those at the top get all the representation and reward so i don't care
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i honestly didn't see that one. they do have 15 years over my 5. good luck purplepixies.

I’m very hopeful that with this council every type of player can be well represented :slight_smile:

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Argent Dawn - EU from at least what I saw. Wish there was someone from AD - US, but AD really isn’t known for much sadly. There are no high end guilds in terms of mythic progression. Yeah there are some PVPers and some M+ groups, but nothing outstanding. Even the RP is getting worse and worse as all the RPers have left the server which is a whole topic in itself. We are known for Transmog, Mount, and Pet collecting.

As for the OPs question, really there isn’t anyone on that council that I identify with because none of them claim themselves to be casuals. Yeah probably not a good thing to do when you’re looking for council members, but this game shouldn’t be made for the best of the best players. It should be made for the average, person with a 75% parse or however you want to judge them. The top 1% leads to top 1% issues.

Not even that tbh. A lot of people go there for the bmah because it’s such a dead server lol

I got quite a few of my redemption pieces and tabards from it

Technically speaking I do need to belong on this council as a couple of my ideas were put into the game.

A part of me wants to join ASAP.
But at the moment I feel so lethargic, apathetic and complacent.
Maybe if we did a private zoom thing and no emails and only met on weekends online.

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I am not a doomsayer.

Forgot about the BMAH!

Yeah I like getting mounts for cheap lol. It’s a good realm for that >.<

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You are not being punished for not doing mythic.

You are simply not getting the rewards for not completing the content.

Like any game, if you want the reward, complete the challenge. If you do not or cannot complete the challenge, you are not entitled to the reward.

It is not a hard concept, I don’t understand why so many people have difficulty with it.

Hey! I started my WoW adventure back in TBC on Argent Dawn. I didn’t transfer off of AD until very very late in WoD. I have a handful of toons over on AD still to this day, and I know what you mean. AD used to be a bustling realm with lots going on, and now it’s a ghost town where I log on to farm rares and such.

I remember maybe back in mid-WoD, participating in a scavenger hunt-RP over on AD and it’s one of my fondest WoW memories. I remember the RP existing there; but that’s really the last RP related thing I remember on AD unfortunately.

I’m ‘hardcore’ in TBCC, but extremely casual in retail, where I have been ever since the first raid tier of Legion. I dipped in for Mythic Uldir in BFA and left shortly thereafter. Yes, I have retail high end raid prog under my belt, but the past handful of years I’ve been enjoying retail as a very slow single player collection game of sorts. I love looking around the world and in instances for nice spots to AFK or take screenshots.

Edit: I saved the clues for that scavenger hunt in my bank because it struck me so hard. This person put a hell of a lot of effort into a fun open-world RP event as people were having a mass exodus from the server, lots of RPers included. It always makes me feel so bittersweet. If anyone wants to try to figure out the answer go ahead; I was the first one to finish it when it was held and only figured it out due to me loving to explore the world’s little far off corners. This takes place in WoD Draenor. :slight_smile: If you figure it out let me know and I can give you the same reward that was given to me: a certain battle pet. :wink:


That’s enough to make me very skeptical that they remember the rest of the players who have other interests.

I don’t know what criteria Blizzard used but they all seem to have the same guidelines.
Well neither did I choose them. Nor did other players name them as representatives.
Blizzard chose them, so I have to prepare myself to be disappointed in all of them. And even more so with Blizzard’s possible lack of ability to hear and understand them.

Blizzard is extremely inclined to hear us say potatoes and understand bananas.


As a collector yes, but :man_shrugging:
I don’t care about the community council until I see something come from it. As of right now it’s a community placating publicity stunt, things come from it I’ll change my opinion.


Maybe you can answer this, why are so many of the community council on lvl 10s or non lvl 60s?


A few people have mentioned this prior when asked, but EU players had to make a character/trial on US and get it to level 10 in order to post on the forums, since (for some reason) the forums are hosted on US and not EU. Some of those from EU on a level 10 NA have posted links to their EU armory.

Ya I was just told this elsewhere. Weird dynamic. Big oversite too lol.

Agreed - I think it may make EU feel left out because anyone who mains on EU license has to check NA forums instead and can’t post/reply to any discussions on their main. Forums should just be merged.

Nobody, MVP, or on the council, have anything to do with deciding anything… Blizz does that on their own, with their paid developers.

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No. I’ve seen these types of things before. Generally, the people that volunteer for these types of things are the hardcore fans who white knight the game the most, and want the prestige. They come with built in bias. They will defend and reinforce bad decisions that got us to the place we are at. I don’t identify with people like that at all.


You know, I’ll be the last person to pat myself on the back, but…

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