Do you ever look at a Vulpera and just think to yourself

Not even

You got a rat infestation is what you got

Horrible race I’m pretty sure blizzard only added to get money off their “cuteness” that people think they have

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Why did you have to resurface this anger? Who the bloody heck was in charge of new races??? Sethrak was a blinking no brainer!!! Anyone with half a brain coulda seen that. Instead we get uwu jokes and furry and yiff crap in trade.

That’s my reaction to most of the other BfA allied races. Mechagnomes were creative but the rest were lazy duplicates. Sethrak should have been added and an alliance cute furry race (say Kittens, like Puss in Boots from Shrek 2.)

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I think sethrak look silly. They have balloon heads. I think the reptile guys from MoP (forget the name) are far better looking.

I look at all these races people keep drooling over like Tuskarr, Orgres and Ethereals and I’m relieved that we got Vulpera instead of them.

Like, Tuskarr and Ogres? Really? This community loves to bash the Pandaren and the Kul Tirans and yet keep asking for two races that makes them look skinny.

And Ethereals? C’mon what fun is there in being a something made out magic floating space toilet paper?

I’ll agree they’re better than the constant whining for more elves though, I’d have any of them over any more kind of elves.
And I do like Sethrak too, but between them and Vulpera I am glad we got the latter.


I’m happy we got the foxes. There fun to play

Would it be cool to get the snakes, orges or/and naga, sure. It may happen in the future

Ogres are actually part of the horde in Lore. There’s actual justification to make them playable

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Never under-estimate the wrath of a Vulpera with rabies.

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At least you didn’t get Mechagnomes? Now THAT is what I call a very obvious insult to one of the game’s factions. x,D

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It’s enough to drive a dwarf to drink… wait… i don’t need a reason for that…hic!


Nope, I just want to hug every Vulpera I see.


Night elves already got an allied race, it just happens to be on the Horde while the blood elves got their allied race shoehorned onto the Alliance. No race should get to double dip.

I find it hard to believe people genuinely wanted or still want ankoan. I consider them one of the least interesting NPC races ever introduced, and Blizzard themselves seem to have abandoned them after Nazjatar.

Was never happening when white draenei and brown orcs qualified as their own races, stop believing it could’ve.

Getting Nothing over these disgusting furbait rats would have been better.
They were clearly made to pander to furry degeneracy, and that is a huge no for me.


/hug ‎‎‎‎‎

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When I think of horde, I think of a barbaric, savage, a primal type of faction. I think of the old days of Warcraft RTS game.

Yet they gave you a walking talking scarf race. Like wtf. A fox. Who the hell thought that was a good idea and signed off on it.

Vulpera only make good hats and scarves.

(Hefts club)


Meerah, and specially her skill with blades wouldn’t like the implications here.

This would have made me incredibly happy since I’d finally get to /poke the belly of every Tuskar I see.

But with that being said, I do like the little critters… my problem arises when some people… uh… speaks.

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I think to myself, wtf has this game become.

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Vulpera are amazing.

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Don’t like vulpera or sethrak. Or tuskar or ogres.

However, if others like them, why not? The more customization and t-mogs the better.

Honestly, instead of new races, just expand the customization of the current ones first…

Vulpera the only race to take the hatred of Blood Elves in the horde away.

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