Do you ever look at a Vulpera and just think to yourself

all vulpera + baine. horde is perfect again

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I like Vulpera. I do wish we had Tuskarr though. They’re so cute.

I don’t think that’s accurate.

Vulpera are fuzzy Goblins.


To balance out the mechagnome hate. Most of the hate for this race comes from people who wanted something else.

This is under the assumption there needed to be a gnome allied race. We could have gotten the Sethrak as a Worgen Allied Race or the Ankoan/Jinyu as a Night Elf Allied Race. Could have gotten the Mok’Nathal using the Kul Tiran rigging. A lot of possibilities.

Of course there needed to be a gnome allied and there is also another reason why this couldn’t have worked. Gnomes were paired with Highmountain tauren so what this means is that if goblins were paired with the worgen AR then gnomes would need to get paired with something else that parallels them in some way and they would have needed to be paired with undead. Based on the way things were set up, that wouldn’t have happened.

I often think that when I see a belf. We could’ve gotten forest trolls.


The best thing about the Tuskarr is that they sound like they’re in a Gilbert & Sullivan musical.

This isn’t correct at all.

You got hairy goblins, gnomes would at least have mohawks and beards.

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No but I think that when i look at blood elves


Clarify how? I try to keep an open mind. Maybe I made a mistake.

First off, gnomes and tauren had zero connection other than the heritage armor.

The allied race designations had nothing to do with model skeletons.


Honestly, i don’t mind the vulperas. kinda enjoy them. Feel and look different than mechagnome that alliance got stuck with. So what, we get gnomes who are even more into sciences? yay i guess?
Would have been better to add cybernetics as cosmetic options for gnomes (and goblin because i’m sure we would steal that idea from them anyway)

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Nah. The vulpera hate is too mematic and truly not indicative of, well, anything. The little foxes rock.


I for one am glad we got Vulpera. It even motivated me to come back to WoW!


Well still. Lets look at this from another point of view. Should they have gone with a worgen AR instead of a gnome AR instead? I don’t think so and the reason why is because Mechagnomes were prominent in an expansion that featured heavy goblin and gnome lore. Seems to me like it was the right time to get the gnome AR. Also sethrak? I think there are better races to use the worgen skeleton for. Saurok, those gargoyles in the Shadowlands, a dragon race. Maybe even naga? Most of the “hype” for sethrak was really only due to the fact that there was a major lobbying effort for sethrak and people speculated it would be paired with Sethrak, but when you really think about it, there is a lot more cool alternatives that cold be just as popular if not more popular even though they don’t have as many people vocal for them.

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Well that and if you use Orb of deception the Taurens and Gnomes are connected. Also if you faction change, their mounts replace each other’s. At least, it used to be that way.

Only if we all committed some heinous crime to warrant it.

I dunno, allied races annoy me in principle, but Vulpera are nice imo. And I love their “make a camp” racial, we need more of that creative stuff in the game I reckon.


i always look at one and think to myself…

i wonder how i’m gonna catch this one

i’m a vulperra napper :frowning:

Whenever I see a Vulpera I just laugh. Because they are so awesome.