DO NOT upgrade your belt to tier set

For reals, the catalyst literally shows you the item it will give you.

Anyone putting a wrong piece in there is just trolling themselves by rushing.

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I actually can imagine what it’s like as a new player, being that my girlfriend has never touched this game before or anything similar and is running a Vulpera through Chrimie time Northrend.

And trust me, no new player who is actually new is going to even be thinking about this.

Like I said to the other dude: literally just read. There’s only 5 items that give you the 2/4p bonuses, and belts aren’t one of them and never have been.

No you didn’t. They’ve explained like 5 times that the only pieces with the set bonus will be the ones that normally have it.

Considering you’re posting on the forums, I assume you can read the forums.

If this was a post in-game, I’d understand, but this is just a matter of you not paying attention to what gets posted.

On top of that, in-game, it SHOWS you that it doesn’t give the tier bonus.


Because your girlfriend is running around in northrend? You know when you buy the expansion you get a character boost right? You know most people might want to get into current content right?

Reality is no new player is thinking about this right now is because there are none :roll_eyes:

And before someone comes in here claiming it doesn’t:

I guess it’s never occurred to you that someone new might actually be interested in playing the game first to learn the mechanics before immediately rushing into endgame.

Please, tell me more about your hypothetical new player with 6 hours of playtime who is also simultaneously worried about their 4p set. Are they at 80 renown and progressing on heroic too?


So what is the reasoning for non-tier crafting counting towards the catalyst cool down? Can’t have too many sweet mogs doing laps in Oribos?

The stats also change.

Oh it occured… Definitely doesn’t happen that much. Want to spend a whole bunch of time in a dead empty world when you’re playing an mmo? Like legit have you gone into any old world lately? Giant open zones with ZERO people in them lol… I enjoy leveling and don’t see anyone in the zones.

Wtf are you even going on about? A new player could have been 60 a week into the expansion and doing some low keys trying to learn the game still. When did I ever say anything about 6 hours of playtime and progging heroic? :rofl: Lol dude.

Reality is, if you haven’t been playing this game for more than one season, good luck getting into it. Yes the op shoulda done a bit of homework ahead of time. More importantly is Blizzard should have done more also.

There’s a reason Blizzard reported record low Maus across the board. Keep pretending like your “girlfriend” is the only type of new player to this game :roll_eyes:

Didnt they say its only helm, shoulders, legs and chest ?

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As opposed to the droves of people I see wandering around in Bastion and Ardenweald, right? People definitely aren’t just parked in Oribos or Haven waiting on queues. Frankly I’m shocked to see people out in the world for world bosses.

I mean, since you’re making up new players that don’t exist, I figured I’d give it a go too. You didn’t want to hear the experience of an actual real new person playing the game, so clearly that one wasn’t going anywhere.

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Probably get a better response asking the people who made the game what their point was in something. Either way… the point of weekly cooldown on non tier pieces in no way make what Maizou and most others that have stated inaccurate in any way.

Whataboutism is a thing.

This is the issue.
You need to read and observe before taking the leap.

lol… Imagine not reading.

“Note that the 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses will only be on the helms, shoulders, chests, gloves, and legs.”

Pretty much says so in the notes. As others have said, the primary purpose is to complete transmog sets - something you would normally do once you have your 4 set bonus from the helm, chest, legs, shoulders and gloves.

The other purpose is to change the secondary stats on an item, kind of like a ghetto reforge. If the tier has stats you want and your current item doesn’t.

Could you miss that snippet? Yes. Should you expect this outcome? Yes - unless you’re very new to the game. If that’s the case, fair enough, but you’ve now learned the number 1 rule of WoW grinding:
Do not even consider using a currency or bonus thing that is controlled by a time limited resource until you’ve read the crap out of it on multiple websites.

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I mean have you seen the price of herbs right now? Or leggos? People are out there farming mats and doing their callings. They’re kinda empty but compared to old zones? When they split them with chrome? I did cata 1-30 and didn’t see a single person. Not one in any zone. Lol

That’s literally my point lol, they don’t exist… Lowest. Maus. Ever. Lower than wod man. The games impossible to get into. That’s the freaking point.

Op coulda done more, even if he’s not a new player. Blizzard could have done waaaay more. I’m tired of people defending infinite systems and poor IN game communication. Wowhead is huge for a reason. Anyways, I’m out. IDC anymore, feel free to have the last word :+1:

Your fault for not looking at the tooltip of other tier and seeing which ones gave a bonus.

since when to belts have tier set bonuses?

I don’t get people being upset about having to go outside of the game for additional information. For a lot of gamers having to go outside a game for tips, tricks, and just plain how to has been the norm for decades. I still remember buying game walkthroughs or looking at other magazines for help. Then I started going to Gamefaqs for help.

goes into rabbling rant
Back in my day there were no save game point…you just played until your thumbs fell off then you kept playing until the cartridge overheated and glitched. Then you gently pulled it out and blew on it trying to cool it down and prayed that it would pick up where you left off…what kind of sadistic person would make a game where you die because you got hit with a fireball. I killed Frankenstein and that stupid monkey that spits fireballs. It is over I won but no I was killed by a stupid fireball!!!

Plus hitting the jump button on the correct pixel or dead.

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