DO NOT upgrade your belt to tier set

On the contrary, players have chosen specific legendaries and the tier system now changes that making it a very wasteful experience for players. Your legendary power and tier set choices should offer synergy to how you play your character. Action Economy is essential in this game since much of it rests in borrowed powers and cc spam.

I mean it would help if Blizzard put some effort in. There’s a reason the game is deader than ever. It’s virtually impossible to get into and no new player is ever going to play this game when you have stuff like this.

THere have been at least 2 threads this week warning people about what they should do and what items give bonuses and what do not .

How can people say they are not informed ? How do they even know if the thing exists or is active without checking some kind of outside of in the game source like here in the forums .

If a person that just stays in game and never checks anything I would understand because if I was in game and didn’t know I would be going “We can do what to gear”

Anyone that knows about the catalyst has gone to sources on the web. If they didn’t read everything about how it works , it’s because they only read what they wanted to and that any thing beyond a sentence to them needs a tdlr.


It says item set not tier set, i was wrong about that, i assume that item set was tier, but was a mog option and new stats (very bad stats btw)… when i saw the belt option i just took it.
Now its on a gm hand.

It’s not Blizzard’s fault people are illiterate.


No, they probably expected they could make whatever they wanted into tier, because.

Sounds like you don’t play mmos and are new to WoW. They made a post already explaining how everything works but also, NO mmo holds you hand for every little thing. Yes at times things might be confusing but then you may need to ask the community for help.

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Just craft it in a non-tier slot. Every legendary can be crafted in a non-tier slot.

That’s not even what this thread is about. Please make a different thread if you want to talk about that.

Hint: You probably shouldn’t, because a lot of the tier sets do synergize with different legendaries, that why so many “BiS” leggos changed for specs in 9.2.

This isn’t something for new players, they aren’t going to make use of this. By the time they’d be able to get any tangible benefit from it, they aren’t new anymore. And presumably they can read.


You can mouseover the item result and see it clearly didn’t have a bonus on it.

You only have yourself to blame here.

No research or reading needed. Just had to use your eyes.


it says item set and i made the assumption that was tier
it must be hard for a mankind genius like u share this space with me

Belts aren’t part of the tier set bonus. The tier-set bonus items are clearly defined. As is the outcome of the catalyst converter.
It also gives you a warning before you craft it.


They show you what your item turns into before you do it. You don’t even have to do research. That’s the in-game instruction. People just always want to rush rush rush and not read things and this is what happens.


This I 100% agree with though. The reliance on outside sources this game does is disgraceful.

A. There’s a blue post clarifying that’s existed way before the actual feature did.

And even if you don’t frequent the forums, then-

B. Look at the tier pieces that have existed since 9.2. Are any of them belts? It’s not exactly rocket science.


It already starts.

Time for glorious tears.

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THey won’t do any thing should of used waist as your covenant legendary

I heard reading was hard.

I mean at least he didn’t assume the creation catalyst would turn a belt into a tier item


Again expecting players to counsel outside resources and expecting players to magically understand that blue posts are God in this game lol

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A new player playing one toon could very well be getting this right now. Can you imagine being a new player starting in 9.2? All the external systems and reading you have to do to even have a clue? Hence when the guy says, “didn’t you read up on it?” Is the mentality that is murdering this game.

Blizzard could make the systems simpler, or just straight up delete a few :roll_eyes:, or do a better job of explaining them. The only way any of us have any idea what’s going on is most of us have been playing forever, or at the very least since the start of this expansion.