Do I still have to PvE to PvP?

They fixed it, welcome back!

I see, well that’s very promising so far.

This feels reminiscent of BFA’s system which is very unfortunate.

I basically need to be 2100+ rating to get the same gear as someone who can just get a +15 key done with their friends and call it a day.

In addition to that, people who raid and do mythic plus appear to be at an advantage in comparison to people who solely want to PvP. This is because the Great Vault also gives more choices to people who complete raids and Mythic+.

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kind of, the choices are based on how much content you do in a week

1250 honor = 1 choice
2500 honor = 2 choices
6250 honor = 3 choices

additionally the 2pc pvp trinket bonus (40% offensive healing/damage verse benefit) will reward you for having full vers

pvp gear always has vers, pve gear doesnt
so if you’re like 218 ilvl from capping 1800 weeklys all season but full vers you’re likely much better off than a 226 ilvl pve geared player with low to no vers



I forgot that vers was sort of the stand-in for a pseudo pvp stat.

What you’re telling me now is a whole lot better than what BFA had. I think though, after being burned by Blizzard so many times though, I’m going to hold my purchase for SL. I feel like we’re in a period where things seem perfect because the bar for success is, not even slightly above the ground, or even touching the ground, the bar is no-clipping through the ground because of how bad BFA was.

I’ll see what happens over the coming months and see what flaws crop up. I’ve already seen a couple of complaints with PvE gear being stronger.


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Likely until they give a meaningful PvP bonus but the PvE trinkets are still too good.

If you want BiS stats since the vendor hardly has any good stat optimization on them.

They should be but it isn’t just that you need the right conduits, covenant, legendary.

Yea PvP gear and vendors are pretty bad till this happens

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Is this still true? The in game vendor shows the conquest gear starting at 200.

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Sadly, probably.

So far… I’m kinda liking it

PVE trinkets are still dumb af on some classes. The intent is to have you raid and do m+ to have bis gear for pvp. They make too much $$$$ off of pve gold carries.

I just resubbed and hit 60, and I’m very concerned about legendary items in PVP. As I hear it, it may cost 200-500k to get up to a level 3 legendary. This essentially makes it so I’ll have to buy WOW tokens (and probably need to keep buying them as further upgrades becomes necessary) if I want to be viable in PVP. Not a fan of pay2notlose systems. Anyone have any more details about this? It seems like this is heavily skipped/glossed over in many conversations surrounding PVEing for PVP.

Yes, I picked up a 184 2hander from a mythic and makes a massive difference in my lethality.

Every one else saying pve gear doesn’t matter for pvp needs to wake up and join reality.

I’ve not heard if legendary affects stay in PvP but if they do your gonna be a a huge disadvantage without them or without the best one.

Well, let’s face it. Blizzard makes lot of money in the current system. Ppl buying carry most likely dont have time to farm gold as well, so they buy token to get the gold they want. So, in the end, forcing ppl to do PvE to get the best gears make Blizzard more money and they arent going to change it

I finally found out the answer in a blue post:

It seems like the official answer is yes, with systems strikingly similar to BFA.

These posts state that Duelist gear is equivalent to 226, and 226 is also equivalent to a +14 Keystone, thus making anyone’s experience who solely wants to pvp more difficult.

Classic TBC it is.



for reference you’ve gotta hit 2100 to get 226 gear and 226 vault
mythic 15 gives 210 gear with 226 vault
mythic raid gives 226, with last 2 bosses 233, vault 226+

Power caps based on rating (you upgrade the base 200 conquest gear using honor to these caps)

  • Unranked - 200
  • Combatant - 207
  • Challenger - 213
  • Rival - 220
  • Duelist - 226
  • Combatant: 1400–1599
  • Challenger: 1600–1799
  • Rival: 1800–2099
  • Duelist: 2100–2399
  • Gladiator: 2400

You are correct that this system has no goal of fairness whatsoever

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It’s ight.

just counting down the days until Classic TBC hits.

Most other people here seem to be okay with this system.

never thought about it, but if people refuse to play even the minimal amount of the game outside of pvp they will be awarded as such. i wish i could just log on and do arenas on the daily and have everything i need

youll be fine without pve’ing. the pvp gear is slightly behind right now if you have a fully upgraded honor set (currently rank 5) and current amount of conquest gear, but in a few weeks we’ll be caught up and come out ahead. long term it doesnt matter if you dont pve for gear, but early in the season it will give you a bit of an advantage.

If you want to PVP competitively, you must:

-Run Torghast enough to get a max level legendary piece of gear (about an hour a week).

-Run whatever dungeon gives your best legendary recipe (I ran Plaguefall 17x and still didn’t get mine). Some get it their first try though so it might not be so bad for you. I know someone that ran it 80x and still didn’t get it though.

-Run raids/mythic+ to get the best gear (currently, although in a few months pvp gear should catch up once you can get a full set of conquest).

-Level your covenant renown to get access to conduits (about an hour a week).

So there’s a ton of PVE you have to do.

If PVE players had to do anywhere close to that much PVP to be raid viable, I’d wager half the players would unsub.