Do I still have to PvE to PvP?

So far, people are saying positive things about the state of PvP in SL, and the massive complaint here is that they have to participate in rated.

  • Am I still forced to PvE to enjoy PvP in this game?
  • Do I have to PuG mythic dungeons, and have to raid for some trinket to have fun in arena?
  • Are people in full raid gear/+15 mythic gear stomping on people in bgs or arena? They didn’t bring back resilience or a PvP specific stat, so I’m not actually seeing how PvP was improved in favor of PvPers.

Thinking of returning, but I might wait until TBC if things don’t look up.


If you do rated and can get to 1600 then you will be good on gear and will not need to do m+ or raid. You will be required to do the solo progression systems like torghast for your legendaries and level your renown for your covenants. If you refuse to do rated and only do random bgs then you will be behind.


Anyone know about catch up? For example season 1 is 1.5 months old and I get a new 60 what are we looking at to get fully geared?

90 hours of arena?

But first need to do 2 weeks of PvE to get to an ilvl where you can at least get 1 win out of 5 games vs people that outgear you by 50 item levels at 1400 cr?

This kind of thing is why I liked being able to cap conq in BG’s on alts. Maybe something is in place for this though?

Nope this is how the old system was in wod/mop where people would just tank their rating to 1k mmr and win every game for conq cap.

Great. At least in WoD “capping” arena took 1 hour a week on average. So if you were down like a whole season of conquest it would at most be like 12 hours of grinding arena to catch up. I have a feeling it’s not 10 wins to cap in SL but maybe I’m wrong. Plus in WoD they implemented the catch up mechanic where if you earned enough conquest for a full set then your account could buy the conquest pieces with honor for alts.

I heard the new system getting a lot of praise so I’m hesitant to crap on it without seeing first hand how it plays out, but I’m getting the feeling a new alt mid-season is going to feel a lot like an alt mid-BfA S4.

The honor vendor sells gear, it’s more appropriate for freshly capped characters and alts.

This sounds like one of those Blizzard sayings you see on the load screen. Quality stuff “Bloomsday”.


Did this actually get implemented, I honestly cant remember ever being able to do this even with many alts.

Noone knows how much conquest you get from a win however the gear costs half the amount it costed back in wod/mop/cata, so it could be quicker.

Yep. I remember it fondly. I can’t remember the name of it, but it definitely existed. Might have even been in MoP when it was added. Can’t remember for sure.

Only 1600 and I won’t ever need to raid or mythic+?

In BFA, you needed to achieve gladiator to be on par with the gear that was equivalent to +15 m+.

So if I reach 1600 would I be at the same standing as someone who does +15?

No, that’s very low end. Honestly, I thought I was on the bg forums trying to motivate another person to do the bare minimum rated content.

However, it does seem outside of chasing your legendary recipe and conduits you can get to a decent item level in only pvp.

kinda but not really

weekly 1600 cache gives 213 ilvl which is equal to heroic raid, and higher than the spammable +15 drops

upgrading your gear sitting at 1600 will only let you create ilvl200 gear

i’d expect that you can be competitive on solely pvp gear if you hover around 2100 + where you’ll likely be able to create gear slightly lower than mythic raid/m+15 cache

if you’re patient though capping 1800 weekly you’ll eventually be like 218 or so compared to the 226 duelist/glad or mythic raider/m+15 cache farmers will be
and it seems the stat gap on gear is smaller than it was in the past which means you’ll be viable


They fixed it, welcome back!

I see, well that’s very promising so far.

This feels reminiscent of BFA’s system which is very unfortunate.

I basically need to be 2100+ rating to get the same gear as someone who can just get a +15 key done with their friends and call it a day.

In addition to that, people who raid and do mythic plus appear to be at an advantage in comparison to people who solely want to PvP. This is because the Great Vault also gives more choices to people who complete raids and Mythic+.

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kind of, the choices are based on how much content you do in a week

1250 honor = 1 choice
2500 honor = 2 choices
6250 honor = 3 choices

additionally the 2pc pvp trinket bonus (40% offensive healing/damage verse benefit) will reward you for having full vers

pvp gear always has vers, pve gear doesnt
so if you’re like 218 ilvl from capping 1800 weeklys all season but full vers you’re likely much better off than a 226 ilvl pve geared player with low to no vers



I forgot that vers was sort of the stand-in for a pseudo pvp stat.

What you’re telling me now is a whole lot better than what BFA had. I think though, after being burned by Blizzard so many times though, I’m going to hold my purchase for SL. I feel like we’re in a period where things seem perfect because the bar for success is, not even slightly above the ground, or even touching the ground, the bar is no-clipping through the ground because of how bad BFA was.

I’ll see what happens over the coming months and see what flaws crop up. I’ve already seen a couple of complaints with PvE gear being stronger.


Lmao name and avatar checks out


Likely until they give a meaningful PvP bonus but the PvE trinkets are still too good.

If you want BiS stats since the vendor hardly has any good stat optimization on them.

They should be but it isn’t just that you need the right conduits, covenant, legendary.

Yea PvP gear and vendors are pretty bad till this happens

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Is this still true? The in game vendor shows the conquest gear starting at 200.

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Sadly, probably.