Disconnected via knockback bug in Solo Shuffle, hit with 200 rating penalty

I dont think you do. I have a mark against my account now due to a bug. Let’ s say I keep queue’ing and this same thing happens another 2 or 3 times, your system is just going to read that I quit when I didn’t. I could potentially get a ban or suspension due to the coding in arena.

I think it’d be best to report the bug to the bug report forums; Vrak isn’t able to handle any of this, nor fix the map. He’s basically the front desk worker.


I understand that but the bug isn’t ever going to be fixed. It’s been there for years. DH’s DC due to fel rush, roll bugs out, mind control occasionally disconnects the recipient or the caster. These bugs have been here FOREVER but now we can be severely punished by them.

You are not going to get a ban or suspension for leaving the arena early!

You could also do a full UI reset, Just possible that a corrupt UI could be causing some of your issues.


If you do not report a bug then it can not be fixed. The more that report what is happening will give QA more information to find out where and what the problem is.


They came out and said they would consider bans and suspensions for leaving solo shuffle.

This has absolutely nothing to do with UI or addons. I was knocked off the blade’s edge arena bridge by a shaman into a wall. I fell through the floor after landing and was disconnected.

Do you happen to have a link to that?

Getting disconnected could be UI related despite the bug too.


Corrupted UI very much can cause problems like you describe


“Players who leave excessively will be subject to account review and suspensions, as abandoning matches repeatedly is a violation of the terms of service via exploiting functionality to the detriment of the game environment and the intended player experience.”

What happens if another player in my game leaves before it ends?

A topic we’ve discussed internally and seen feedback on with the Brawl and on Beta is: what happens if a player leaves the match before all the rounds end? We want to disincentivize players from leaving their match, punish them appropriately, and have minimal impact on players who did not leave. The leaver will receive a Deserter debuff that will increase in penalty for each consecutive offense.

It clearly says your deserter debuff will increase if you keep doing it too often. Nothing says about being suspended or banned for doing so.


I literally quoted the article.

It’s just above “Beyond 10.0.5”

From your own quote it’s “leave excessively”. A random disconnect isn’t going to be an issue. It’s about a pattern of disconnecting. Plus things like who you are playing against. Do you always disconnect when “randomplayer” is playing?

If you are looking to show it’s a game issue, you need to file a bug report, in-game, on the character it happened to, when it actually happened. This helps document a connectivity/map issue.


They’re well aware of the bug

A few things:

Three of the threads are not in the bug report forum.
You not reporting it doesn’t make the bug any easier to fix.
You posting here won’t change anything as the blues here don’t handle bug reports, nor fix the game.

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Posting a bunch of links to threads where players are reporting it doesn’t prove anything. It’s not happening every time they do it. It’s not happening to the same player every time. It’s not a pattern of any one player dropping out.

Post in Bug Reports. File a Bug Report in game on the character it happened to when it happens. There is nothing Customer Support can do about this. Customer Support does not fix bugs.


I dont want a bug fix. They aren’t going to do it anyway. What I want is for them to set their system in such a way as to not punish victims of their bugs if they aren’t going to make it right.

Just to point it out: They’d be unable to make a system as the program doesn’t know the reason for the disconnect, just that the player did. And to avoid folks form trying to abusing such, like when folks abusing the kick system when LFD to avoid the dungeon deserter debuff penalty.


Yup, I’m definitly trying to abuse the system by having the enemy priest disconnect me with their Mind Control. 100% the plan

Alright, I think we’ve covered what we can here.

The problem with some long standing bugs isn’t that our QA and Game Development Teams may not want to resolve them, but it can be a complex issue. Difficult to reproduce consistently to figure out what exactly is causing it, or to fix the bug it may require a complete overhaul of an existing system.

So, even if it has been reported previously adding your voice to the report with examples and locations can be helpful. Not only for gathering data but to get a better understanding of impact volume.