Didn't get full fated credit in Castle Nathria

On the quest Crossing Fate where you kill 30 fated raid bosses I killed every one in Castle Nathria last week (10) but only got credit for 9. Is there any solution coming for this? It happened to a guildie as well.

Nothing can be done here as this forum is one for players to assist other players. There are no Devs here, and as it’s a bug, there isn’t anything GMs can really do either (not that there are GMs here either). I would suggest you case out this thread that is up over on the Bug Report forum. Mind you, the Bug Reports are generally a one-way forum, so a Blue response there is unlikely - if there is one, that’ll most likely be the place for it.


There is a solution being worked on, but I’m afraid I don’t have any additional information right now.


Thanks Vrak! I cross-linked over in that larger thread in Bug Reports for folks to have some sort of official acknowledgment that it is being looked into and worked on.


Hopefully they come up with something. I didn’t see this on the 2 threads I comment on in bugs. Glad I found it here.

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Thank you Leilleath.


Thanks for the update Vrakthris. I had this same issue and am one boss behind on credit.

Thank you. Can you update us when there is a fix? Also please pass on that giving people the ones they got prior will go a long way for those of us who will only get 2 Dinar’s because of this bug if the credit isn’t retroactively added to us.

If I hear something, certainly. Usually when a hotfix is found it makes it to live fairly fast though.

I’d keep an eye on our Hotfix Blog.

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This happened to me too. Killed Sire Denathrius and didnt get credit. Got credit after killing denathrius a 2nd time.