Diamond Flask's HP5 snapshots

And yet none of that is on the Blizzard report for hotfixes or issues that I have personally seen. And while I am well aware not everything goes up there (looking at you unlootable target dummies on launch) I don’t really take suggested bugs that are then “fixed” later without notice as necessarily true.

And you know why I don’t? Because 99% of the people reporting these bugs are basing their understanding of these items and how they work on private servers that are known to be incorrect themselves.

Why would it be? That would constitute admitting fault in their 100% perfect recreation of Vanilla.

Thanks! I take that as a compliment from someone who just proved themselves completely ignorant of how Classic bug fixes have played out. It’d be more concerning if you’d endorsed me.


Thanks for quoting one part of the statement and ignoring the rest of it that addresses your issue. Makes me believe you are, in fact, the person that never played vanilla and only knows the private server crowd.

I love how you refuse to acknowledge anything about classic, and just complain a lot. Like, just all complaining and nothing other than complaining. It’s actually kind of sad.

My post was well written, and addressed what you might already have had an issue with, but instead of reading it you just decided “Blizzard bad, me angry, me complain” instead of bothering to actually think.

Honestly it’s people like you that will ruin what Classic is. And definitely don’t deserve Classic at all.

The skull was broken for months and the fix still applies the damage incorrectly. Theloras linked the relevant threads. There wasn’t anything of value in your post and the hostility made it pretty facepalm inducing.


hey blizz - you guys still wanna say that Runeblade never scaled in Vanilla?

Yeah all the old comments said it scales with +healing from vanilla, burning crusade, wrath, cata, and even into MoP IIRC
So I’m not surprised it’s still like that in Vanilla (along with the Diamond Flask which had the same hp5 but scaled with +healing until it was patched out in an early BC hotfix)
I checked all the other hp5 or passive hp regen items in the game, the only 3 that the datamine said scaled with +healing were the Runeblade, the Diamond Flask, and the Bloodfang 8-piece set proc

The only healing-effects-from-gear that scale in the datamine are the diamond flask (confirmed in early BC and we have archived hotfix notes from Blizz fixing this in early 2007), the proc effect from the Bloodfang set, and the runeblade

tilkkuToday at 9:57 PM
This one has amplify magic fading while bloodfang is on, seems pretty conclusive:
he’s getting 200 healing ticks with amp magic applied
and only 50 without amp magic


Because wowtools datamining of patch 1.13 Runeblade scaling means it scaled in patch 1.12.1


If it was a bug introduced in Classic, and wowtools datamined it, of course it’s going to show up as scaling. I don’t understand your point.

To the CM who edited the title of this post. You’re feeding misinformation into the mechanic and indirectly to the rest of the thread. Diamond Flask is not a HP5 mechanic much like Runeblade of Rivendare and others. They are coded as HoTs, which are different than HP5.

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But if the bug exists in Classic, and the datamine pulls the data from Classic, then wouldn’t the datamine pull the bugged item’s code? Would it not be getting the same wrong information?

There’s more than just those two options. False dichotomy is a logical fallacy.

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We’ve looked into these reports and have found that the Diamond Flask’s behavior does in fact correctly match Original WoW 1.12 as well as the Reference Client. For now, at least, we have no plans to change it.

As we do not consider this to be a “bug”, I’m going to be closing this thread now. Thank you!