Any plans to fix Diamond Flask?

Yes. But their official statement when the possible bug was reported was they tested their 1.12 reference client and it worked that way in Vanilla so they’re not fixing it. Despite it clearly not being intended and obviously going to cause issues.

Caused a big ruckus on the paladin discord. Their approach is IMHO wrong. It shouldn’t be did this work like this in Vanilla, it should be if this was discovered to work like this in vanilla Would it have been fixed.


You are talking about the same company that let the skull of impending doom bug (using tbc values) run rampant without a word or let the nightfall value stay as is (unless they fixed it by now? no clue).

Like they can say a lot of things. Idc. This client is not to be trusted. And unless there is a 2006 video showing the abuse I am doubting their word.

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They said Nightfall is also working like it did on the reference client…

again, idc. Just check the “bugs” they had when they released this version. Their spaghetti code can not be trusted


People used it this way back then too.

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Obviously its busted and obviously should be fixed. But by using blatant warrior bias, the devs are just trying to give us an authentic vanilla experience.


A mage complaining?

The irony.


Blizzard cares very much about keeping Classic true to Vanilla.

That’s why they changed: devilsaurs, black lotus, neutral town guards, certain npc models, AV looting, warlock infernal behavior, AV queueing, server sizes, mob leashing behavior, instanced zones, overtuned spell batching/leeway, BG AFK reporting behavior, XP gain from tagged mobs killed by ungrouped players, layering, and XP gains from certain instanced mobs.

They’re really trying guys. Really trying. But sometimes programmers just slip (perhaps an intern left a banana peel in the hallway), land on their keyboards, and accidentally make significant changes to the game.


RIP #Nochanges 8/26/19

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Like a full raid of warriors are going to lock themselves to naxx for one boss that doesnt even drop the best loot in the raid.


as much as i love the diamond flask shenanigans .

their “refERenCe cLieNt” is a bunch of crap.

so much stuff is wrong compared to actual vanilla. they are only changing things they WANT to change.

the bottom line is someone at blizzard likes this and doesnt want to change it.


It’s not repeated easily, no?

Easiest class in the game complaining about warriors lmao. Maybe 1% of the warriors in the game have actually farmed a healing set for this, and are most likely already in guilds that are going to burn through all the content classic has to offer regardless


Your warrior have gray healing parses broski? Get moar healing gear.

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Maybe my guild is different, but every time healing loot drops now the warriors joke about taking it for their flask set.

I think it’s more well-known than 1% at this point.

knowing about it and actually farming it are 2 different things bud. And your guild may be one of those 1%ers

Woosh goes the joke.

And you dont have to ‘farm for a healing set’, you’re very clearly exaggerating. My warrior alt has over 500 healing using nothing but enchants & AH greens that cost under 10g each. That’s a free major healing potion every 15 seconds when popped… with zero raid or dungeon loot. The item is clearly busted and is now being exploited to degrees & at rates unprecedented in vanilla. Anyone disagreeing is clearly using this bug & wants to protect their OP gimmick.

Anyone that doesnt see a problem with this is lying to themselves:


Sounds like someone got slapped by Wojo

Blizz already said it’s not a bug and they’re not changing it

You’ll need to cope harder sir

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