Diamond Flask's HP5 snapshots

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If they don’t revert the nerf to runeblade and yet implement a fix like this to the trinket, I’ll be even more pissed. Blizzard already stated it was a bug, so it isn’t going to be reverted though and if they are going to be consistent they will nerf the trinket also.


how is this not fixed? literally game breaking…


Most likely because not enough people are using it to a great advantage. Also, Blizzard resources.

I’m failing to see where it’s scaling 1:1 in that video. I see 143, which is not a 1:1 scaling. I’m assuming something else is modifying that, not +9 healing. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe he does only have 9 healing.

At 5:47 he pops a tuber for the 764 heal.

Simple fix would be to allow it keep the +healing and just not snapshot, forcing the warriors to wear healing gear if they want to keep the healing.

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Jamaz’s videos were pre patch 1.9 when a lot of things used to scale so take it with a grain of salt

logic has no place in world of warcraft


You guys need to be looking at the mechanical data in QSpellWork for this type of analysis. It’s likely these effects aren’t actually the same, i.e. Runeblade is a HoT, not a HP/5 mechanic. Some of these other items may be the reverse or something uniquely different.

The issue isnt the fact that it scales with +healing - the issue is it snapshots the +healing and continues to give that value even after changing gear


How is this not fixed yet?

The new trend is to have a MT pop this thing for what amounts to 200-250 healing per second for a boatload of extra threat generation.

This is just going to get abused more and in more ways the longer this silly oversight exists.


just wait till Loatheb in Naxx…

Is this 1.12.1?

Im ok with this /sarcasm

As long as its an alliance only nerf and horde keep the bonus healing im also ok with this /sarcasm

Having to point out that im using sarcasm due to whiny forum posters chucking a fit and causing another multitude of horde bias posts

But legit - nerf alliance and paladins. FOR THE HORDE

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so how much money did you end up losing with this bet?

Do people not realise snapshotting was a part of the game until WoD?

all of it.

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He shows his gear at the end of the video. He only has Healing from his Lawbringer belt and Chestplate.

22 + 18 = 40.

Patch 1.12.1 comment:

By triadx [on 2006/10/14] (Patch 1.12.1)

Subject: "Gasp."Shared cooldown with:-

Mana Ruby (All mage mana gems)
Healthstones (All warlock healthstones)
Night Dragon’s Breath/Whipper Root
Lilly Root
Dark/Demonic Rune

As for some claims that the item is affected by +Heal. My mage has 521 spelldmg/healing and it didn’t increase the heals one bit.


working as intended amirite?

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Pls no I don’t think we can handle any more nerfs :frowning:

That’s actually disgusting. I might as well re-roll lmao