Diamond Flask's HP5 snapshots

the wow tools website showed it having 1:1 scaling and it has been 100% spot on correct thus far across the board - it similarly shows 1:1 scaling for Diamond Flask trinket and the Rogue’s 8/8 Tier 2 melee proc/heal

by going against the data shown in wow tools, the devs opened EVERYTHING up to be questioned and therefore created a much bigger problem for them overall

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Interesting, do you have a link to the information on the wowtools site? Just curious about an entirely different kettle of fish. No pun intended.

Heads up. Diamond Flask abuse is probably A-OK in Blizzard’s book. No nerf on the PTR, which is in Phase4. Curious thought if they “can’t” nerf it because we backed them into a corner with documentation from TBC, haha.

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If they do, then they 100% lose their ability to argue against fixing other bugs they have said they wont fix, such as Juju Flurry. I’m sure the conundrum is at least being discussed.

Yep, haha.

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“Do we continue to let Warriors openly/completely break the game to keep #NoChanges #WartsAndAll or do we nerf it to function as it was supposed to in the first place and maintain the integrity of the game?”

For reference…


(M) Degged Today at 9:19 AM

Compared to warrior trinket, paladin trinket should provide so much more crit during its uptime to be equal

GoldfishBowlToday at 9:39 AM

But warrior is a pure tank/dps/pvp/self healing class. Can’t let a hybrid have anything as good as them, they give up so much :slight_smile:

ShadowsearchToday at 9:48 AM

When warrior is a hybrid and the best class in the game. Thanks blizz


Oh I absolutely agree with you. They should nerf it/fix it so that it isn’t OP anymore. Then they should turn around and walk back their statements on not fixing certain forms of melee haste, and go ahead and correct those while they are at it.

I’m just saying, they can’t easily do the first, without taking heat for not doing the second. That’s why it’s a conundrum for Blizz. If they fix it (which they should) then my immediate reaction will be to ask them to go ahead and fix Juju Flurry (and every other item/ability in the same boat), since they already admitted it was not working as intended but declined to fix it for the sake of “it was like this in vanilla”.

I’ll admit that I am pretty adamantly “no changes”. Bugs are bugs though. We can’t just ignore something that has the potential to be game breaking. In that same vein though, we have to be consistent, and if we are going to be taking action to correct bugs, we need to do it with all of them. They already “over corrected” (in my opinion) both Reckoning and HoJ. They should definitely fix this and all gameplay affecting issues that clearly aren’t intended.

I don’t care so much about things like wall jumping and the like though. That kind of stuff can and probably should stay.

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So like, Runeblade still scales in retail. Calling it a bug was really, really below the belt. Sadly, the only reason it was OP was that it was snap shotting. Get rid of that and you won’t have such ridiculousness without removing the only good thing the weapon had going for it. It’s not like it does amazing dps.

Blizzard and their knee jerk reactions suck for the game as I can guarantee that their test client had the scaling. Wish I would have known about snap shotting back in the day.


yep I said it would cause meni more problems if they went against the data from wow tools

Their defense on other nerfs to things like spellpower/healing scaling to certain weaps is that they were correcting “bugs in the original client.” It’s absolute bs from a #nochanges perspective, but they have claimed it before.

If they want to retain quirky features from classic (which I fully support!), then they should undo their previous nerfs. Let’s start with blessing of sacrifice crits to proc reckoning

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Yeah, it’s really not something they can keep both ways and expect not to be called out on it.

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the greatest irony of all is the fact that I was probably the loudest advocate for BoSac + Reckoning to removed for the simple fact that it was too powerful and would in fact lead to breaking the game in both PvE and PvP

if they let this mechanic remain as is, then I formally retract that statement


While as powerful as this trinket can be in later phases of the game - once every 6 mins and outside of combat to get the buff to snapshot - it is no where near as broken as the broken rek was that ran 24/7 in combat and out

Let it scale with + healing. dont let it snapshot or even have it put you in combat on use. You can have the healing but the gear cant be swapped out for better itemized gear. Easy fix.

my prediction if nothing is done to fix this…

LOL. There is already a war at hand - just means warriors will have some helpful heals every 6 mins or so - oh and i almost forgot - we also get prio on bis +healing gear too!

Every boss fight… =)

Good isnt it - heard some great feedback from Vael with helpful heals and instant snap aggro. Also helpful on firemaw for those first few ticks before healers get into the safe los position.

There is even a warcraft log of a warrior not getting the healing gear off in time and boss was pulled! They wiped.

I was seeing that in this thread, that’s amazing.

honestly this is pretty epic… i say leave it.

Yea i think ya should leave it 10/10 agree ye s