Devs Say They Won't Ban Tanks from Solo Shuffle But You Don't Include Them Either

TLDR: The Devs need to start trying to design Tanks for competitive Arena. Just try otherwise you are trolling everyone. The players that play Tanks and the players that are forced to play along side them.

The Devs say that Banning Tanks from Arena/Solo Shuffle is not an option and it shouldn’t be since we should be inclusive to every Class role and ALL content should be designed for Tank/Dps/Healers.

However you aren’t making them viable or competitive either. If you keep nerfing Tanks which are now considered a Dps slot in Solo shuffle and take 67% more damage than Dps. You are just griefing the rest of the players that waited an hour in Que. That now has to play with a Tank that is Squishy and doesn’t offer competitive Dps. Making the situation worse for everyone.

So if you don’t want them to compete with damage-dealing specializations then how can they play? Please tell me how Tanks can compete? They take 67% more dmg in PvP which is too much and now you don’t want them doing competitive damage either?

Please Dear Devs, Tell me what you expect Tanks to do in Arena? Use harsh language and hope the other team DCs?

If you are going to categorize Tanks as a Dps they need to do damage = too Dps!! Otherwise they aren’t competitive and then it just pisses off Dps and Healers because Tanks aren’t contributing.

You gotta do something, there has to be some sort of ground we need to break in design here where you can make Tanks Glad/Rank 1 competitive in PvP. Either buff their utility dramatically and make them Tanky. Or Buff their Damage. You gotta pick one though other wise the ENTIRE community just suffers.

It’s a dam if you do dam if you don’t situation. However as someone that done Prot War Solo shuffle. My team mates who have waited 30 min, 45 mins or more see that they waited that long to get a game with a Tank. They are pissed. I tell them don’t blame me blame the Devs for not making us more competitive and we are here to play too.

I’ve played Prot in PvP for 16 years. Since day one of making a character in this game. It’s what I do and that isn’t going to change despite the Devs best efforts to eliminate Tanks from PvP due to some vocal competitive Arena minority.

I can’t speak for every Tank class but for Prot at least give us Shield Slam dispel back or some awesome utility to contribute in these matches if you don’t want us to do dmg. Otherwise you are just trolling the entire community when Dps/Healer get stuck with a Tank. It’s not our fault. We want to play too. Scratch that… We want to COMPETE too.

Come on Devs. Just try… All I want is you to start trying…You just nerf and walkaway like it’s not your problem. Please do better and try to make Tanks competitive in PvP. It just makes the community overall healthier.

If you need help just contact me. We can do this.


It’s definitely annoying that Retail has evolved in to this weird Esports Meta and because of that great MMO design has been vacant for many expansions. Tanks had great PvP design in the early expansions. They were Tanky, offered utility and had great burst in many situations.

It’s unlikely that PvP in Retail will ever be fixed. Probably just need to stick to WotLK where PvP is far better. Not only is Tank design better but you don’t have the homogenized junk Retail has become with no Class roles. Just my 2 cents.


Tank matches are the worst. Thankfully they’re seldom, but the fact they exist at all is a problem.

They’re just a high HP meatshield that will at best be CC’d, at worst ignored entirely.

If they had something like Gladiator Stance they could fall back on, great! Some extra burst to a comp! They don’t, though. And with the wave of nerfs that’s just going to be worse.

Either have them be viable, or don’t have them at all.

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bring back dps sword and shield specs for warriors…
create for paladins…
default dps spec for all hybrids…
would be a start.


Never understood why Blizz decided to ditch glad stance. Seemed to be fairly popular.

It would also be nice to not have to farm extra weapons.


Well they aren’t even that. They have high HP but go down faster than Dps due to 60% more dmg now and recent nerfs. So they don’t offer Tankyness, the don’t have enough utility MS/Dispells. They don’t have enough damage.

Well the problem is the Devs need to try to start designing Tanks to be competitive and offer value to teams. Otherwise everyone has a bad time.

I been trying to make my Glad stance build work. Think I’m technically still #1 in US in Solo shuffle for Prot at only 1717 rating. (which is laughable) However they keep nerfing every build I come up with that offers burst. So what am I to do? Except make a thread and ask the Devs. I’m not rerolling to Dps. This is a problem the Devs gotta fix.

Glad stance was the best Dps spec ever they should just add it back. Trying to fight what the players want isn’t helping.

Kinda where I’m at. Just wish the Devs would take reasonable action. What they are doing is just making it worse for everyone. Tanks are unhappy and players that play with them are unhappy. Best solution is to make Tanks viable and competitive.


That’s kind of the whole thing! They’re not even disruptive which has merit to such a setting, they’re just…there. And either a more squishy thing gets focused or they get focused themselves.

I’m working on my grind at the moment (got almost to 1600 in prepatch!) but I just know when a tank game queues, it’s not going to be a long one.

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No spec in the game should, just be there. Think any reasonable person would agree.
It’s not fun for anyone when that happens.

I just hope the Devs can think more about what they are doing to the community with design and recent balancing. Especially if they want new formats like Solo Shuffle to work. They just gotta do better in making sure everyone is competitive. We are far from that right now, especially for Tanks.

Either give Tanks utilty/tankiness. Or have my damage compete with Dps. It has to be one though otherwise again… The Devs are just griefing everyone.

No they shouldn’t. Tanks offer nothing to arena.


Which hurts players that have to Que with them. Thanks for proving my point. When you get a game with a Tank on it. That kinda sucks for you. It would just be better if they offered something.

Actually they should and it’s been outlined as to why.


That’s the point of the whole thread though! No one’s disagreeing with that point, the point is why are Tanks even an option in Solo Shuffle?

RBGs, they have a place. It’s a very niche place but a place nonetheless! In Arena in general they have absolutely none.

It’s more of a discussion on how tanks can have a place.


Nope I just leave. I don’t want to carry anyone dumb enough to Que as a tank outside of flag maps.

If it’s an arena the. I just alt f4.

Again you’re fragile feelings is not something I care about. They should flat out ban tanks from arena. It’s worse than double healer comps.

I’m of the position they shouldn’t be allowed period.

They can stay in RBGs.

Tanks are selfish individuals that are usually awful at the game.

How about you stop queuing a PvE spec in PvP and getting mad when it gets nerfed to be how its supposed to be…

You dont see DPS specs going in their AoE trash raid builds and complaining they cant get to gladiator. They go to their PvP specs, which you should be doing.



The reason is ALL specs/classes should be included in ANY format of the game or it shouldn’t exist. The Devs said banning wasn’t an option and believe that. So the only other option is make them competitive. Which we also don’t have.

So the Devs either need to come clean and not include everyone in these formats or make everyone competitive.

RBG’s also need better design. You shouldn’t be able to compete without a good tank. Period. All 3 Class roles need to be vital to competition. Unfortunately Arena balance has also messed up RBG balance.

Which is a problem!!! Thanks for proving my point yet again!!! You don’t want to carry the Tank and then you grief everyone because they are there :rofl:

You sound like someone that will just offer so much to this discussion.


Tanks arent a class, switch your spec to PvP like you are supposed to or quit complaining.

AoE raid specs shouldnt be viable in PvP, just like tank specs shouldnt, but Blizz shouldnt force you to respec to PvP either. Play what you want, but some specs are better for some things, its pretty simple.

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That’s a very broad, and very rude statement! I don’t think that was warranted…

They are! And they’re able to queue for PvP instances. As such they should be made viable.

They’re not going to up and vanish, despite your stance.

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There are 3 Class roles in this game. Tank/Healer/DPS

The Tank Class if included in Solo shuffle needs design to be competitive otherwise they are just griefing everyone.

I only play Prot in PvP and after 16 years that isn’t going to change. Wrath and old expansion had great PvP Tank design. Retail is just off the mark and with these new formats Tanks need some design changes to fit in. Since the Devs said they are here to stay. So they need to make them competitive otherwise everyone suffers.

No one is saying they should up and vanish. But it is a PvE spec, so they shouldnt be viable in PvP…

And no, tanks are a spec (or as Abombshield says, class role). Warrior, DK, Paladin, etc. are the class.
I said class, not class role.

It’s really not though. It never was since day 1 of this game. It’s only been a recent expansions that people have taken this stance. That’s why 16 years ago I chose Prot for PvP. It was competitive and accepted.

You can’t really ignore history regardless of your opinions.