<Devout> Multi-CE Leadership LFM Shadowlands

Devout @ US Darkspear (Alliance)

About us:
Devout is an brand new adult driven end game progression guild that formed towards the end of Ny’alotha. Although new to the current expansion, the guild is led by solid leadership with 12/12M Multi-Cutting Edge Officer core, and solid mythic raiders stretching across the entirety of the game. This guild is motivated to be on the front of instance progression: Debunking the encounters, Formulating the strategies, achieving server firsts, and cutting edge in ever tier for shadowlands. In order to continue a new strive of excellence, we require a roster of exceptional and dedicated players, which entails active recruitment.

Recruitment Information

Devout is currently building its core raid team for shadowlands, and accepting applications for potential core team players. Competitive applicants will have the following:

-Progression through Mythic Battle of Azeroth. ( Or any past cutting edge experience)
-Legitimate AVG logs above 80% for current difficulty.
-Knowing your class inside and out, always keeping up to date on your toon.
-Solid situational awareness, and the ability to make decisions on the fly while surviving mechanics and executing at a mythic level.
-Being able to take constructive criticism, and being the best player you can possibly be.

Holy Paladin
Mistweaver Monk
Holy Priest
Arms / Fury Warrior

Raid Schedule

Tuesdays / Wednesday 9:30PM-12:30PM EST ( Times are subject to change come Shadowlands.)

While we only have 2 progression raid nights, Devout is very active on off nights as well. Our members can be found in discord chatting, participating in Alt raids, running 5 man content, completing achievements, and or doing PVP / Playing other well known games as we are a Multi-Game guild.

What can you expect from us?
-Stable and very experience leadership with a positive raiding environment.
-Mythic + and Heroic / Mythic raiding weekly.
-A environment where your time is valuable and appreciated.
-A place where you can call your fellow guild members family.

What do we expect from you?
-Attendance, and keeping a 80% attendance rate. ( 100% attendance rate required while on trial.)
-Always showing up prepared, researching the fights, bringing consumables (personal food, potions, augment runes)
-A positive attitude in willing to listen to others, the ability to listen to the raid leads / class leads.
-The ability to follow strats with minimal mistakes made.
-A working mic, where you can communicate with voice.
-A stable internet connection.

Overall, our players are mature, driven, competitive, and always looking to improve themselves and fellow raiders. We have learned to give and take criticism and communicate our goals with each other in a collaborative, professional, and progression - minded atmosphere. Through effective communication, preparation, and organization we are able to raid fewer hours while remaining competitive.

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