<Devout> Multi-CE Leadership LFM Shadowlands

Lunch time bump! Come join our multi-gaming community and raid some CE material with us!

Y’all gon make me bump in hurr, bump in hurr

Afternoon bumpage

Afternoon bump!

Good morning bump!

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Afternoon bump! Still looking for a few exceptional raiders.

Bump, looking for a couple more slots to be filled!

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Bump to the top!

Bump to the top

Bump to the top! Still looking for a few more bodies

Afternoon bumpage

Can I bump for you guys? Demonics has never been CE and he was on the bench in his last guild for 3 tiers, and applied to guilds using my parses to try to get in, know who youre getting into bed with boys!

I too wish to bump for you. As stealing all the gold and mats in the guild wasnt enough on your way out you have to borrow others logs to try and get places. Never been CE, never got a 99 parse, never did anything but pay people to run you. Best GM ever I hope your daughter doesn’t grow up like you

Pretty sure he was the GM that even made that guild possible to get CE. Pretty sure all the gold in the guild bank was his own personal gold that he put in there for the guild to even repair… pretty sure he benched himself because he couldn’t commit to the raid times. Get your facts straight before coming to bash when you know the truth. Oh btw hope Briggs can recruit. Stop padding won’t last a year, have fun. Zzzz

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Pretty sure he doesnt have CE, hes linking parses that isnt his, He stole raid carry gold and hasnt dropped anything in the Gbank in 5 months, and He was removed from the raid team for all the grey parses and we couldnt carry him. Keep applying to better guild claiming you are multi CE Demonics. They will see through your terrible skills. Make sure they dont come asking us about you and your lies. GG get gud

what is it you think you made possible? you disbanded the guild a week before we got CE because the officers who actually run the guild disagree’d with you on something, don’t worry Briggs has recruiting covered, and your new guild knows you applied to them using my parses, you should probably stop doing that.