DeviateDelight is dead


this would only work if they locked transfers to higher pop servers so low pop servers were the only option. nobody wants to transfer to a “dead server.” Its a self fulfilling prophecy.

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Free transfers is how most of these servers got ruined.

Along with the player base.


I have no doubt that there are high pop transferring to low pop to scalp like this. I really don’t think its an only Grobb thing, nor does it represent the server as a whole, so I am afraid I do not understand what the reply is inferring.

More or less showing the "general animosity’ you were talking about.

I have no doubt, but also these:

A few of the posters here were repeat offenders or would cause inflammatory posts in Grobbulus forums. And I am sure, if we search ‘poach’ in Deviate Delight, we’ll see something similar.


at least there’s no more queues though…remember when it was unplayable due to queues?

Couldn’t they just merge both RPPvP servers? Seems like the best solution w/o having to pay for a server xfer

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How would they make that transfer money then?

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or can always just reroll for free :smiley:


Deviate Delight, dead but not forgotten.

Could not have happened to a crappier server. Between the horde shaman who thinks he’s great at pvp to the roided greek guy flirting with the server disc guy he thought was a girl to the emo rogue in org all day that couldn’t pvp to save her life. Oh…I forgot Hagrim… how could I forget him. Glad to see DD go asunder.



Jokes aside :heart::boxing_glove:

What was the name of the horde shaman and emo rogue… ???

horde shaman is ulkragg, who just transferred to Grobb. Not sure what emo rogue you mean.

Most of the people on DD are wonderful people. There just happens to be a few opinion leaders that have ground the server into dust by scaring away anyone that didn’t kiss their butts.

Oh you’ll know once you hear it. She has had several pfp on discord where she looks relatively emo and her characters have generic names followed by “rogue”, “mage”, etc. Example: Dangerousrogue, Dangerousmage, etc. Frequently went to Org to gank in the drag; feel like she went to org more then you even. She trolls A LOT on the old discord before it got shut down by the owner.

That’s sad. I played on a real similar to DD back in the day, you knew people. I didn’t have to shift click someone’s name to know their class.

I rolled this warrior on DD to check it out, keeping my main on Grob. Eventually, during tbc prepatch I brought him over to tank dungeons for my guildies. Was hard to get into such a low pop realm, but I always wished I had.

Defiasbandit? She transferred, got glad, transferred back, now is complaining the server is dead. Too bad she’s stuck here now lol.