Demoralizing shout/roar generating too much threat

Spamming demo shout is generating x threat times y mobs but instead of once, it’s applied again times the amount of mobs. You can demo shout to outthreat mages aoeing.

Not a blizz like mechanic and game-breaking. Needs immediate hotfix


Aren’t these skills designed to reset threat tables and/or pull threat?

If you have 6 mobs and it generates 40 threat per cast, it should generate 240 threat to each mob.

At the moment it’s generating that 240 but then multiplying it again by 6 dealing 1440 threat per mob.

It’s absurd. You can tank garr by just using demo shout on 2 adds.

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It would be nice to get an answer on this… this seems very important if it is really working that way


I’m pretty angry at this

Something ain’t right with shout threat. I am a stronger AoE tank than prot paladins in BC just pressing demo shout.


Why waste time tab sundering and building aggro via cleave when you can press 1 button like a bfa tank…


Hmmm… how do we get the word out better to Blizzard?

If this is true, it really is game breaking…

Try twitter? Idk.

I refuse to use twitter

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I am the same lol

Keep replying and keep it on page 1? Shrug

The biggest issue is more that see this will abuse it until it’s damage is done, like raiding SM and ZF

I would also report it as a bug in game while you are tanking something

Did, friends did, guild did

So threat stacks, every single application Demo shout? How were you able to verify this?

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What? No. That is doubling the issue at hand. Demo shout is not a buff but a debuff. Each target hit is given a debuff that provides a flat amount of threat. In your example you used 40 threat and so 40 threat is the expected threat on each mob. What OP is saying is that demoralizing shout and roar are currently behaving like buffs and each target is getting the threat applied to every target. So 240 threat on each mob instead of the 40 it should be.

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Have you verified this? All I have is the OPs word… I haven’t heard this anywhere else.

They tested it on the warrior discord

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Demo shout’s threat is off. Battle shout they say is ok, however it was a little known bug in classic that not many guilds used, most guilds used multiple warriors using whirlwind or cleaves to hold down large numbers of adds…Battle shout’s threat from buffing group members should have been a “bug fix” and neutered.

What groups are now - is just having a warrior use a rage potion after he bow pulls and then sits there spamming battleshout and auto attacking. It’s ridiculous and would be as much of a bug if a Paladin could have the same threat just by standing there spamming blessing of might on the raid / party…Demo shout probably is messed up to.

I will test this, I will purchase demoralizing shout and try it in SFK and WC. The result will tell me whether it is broken or just a little bit of a bump as it should seemingly be.

Do you even layer bro?