Demoralizing shout is bugged and it is why we have this AoE meta


But here’s the question. Do you remember it correctly? We’ve already seen that people’s memories of Vanilla are hazy, with Blizzard having to say that, yes, damage numbers are correct during the beta.


AOE is not a meta, it’s just a normal strategy. One that was around in Vanilla too. The problem this time around is Blizzard started from a heavily-nerfed patch that was also very easy back in the day. By the time 1.12 came around in Vanilla people were AOEing instances.

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In a nutshell, correlation is not causation (even the correlation here is pretty thin).

This is like saying without evidence that Ice Nova is stronger than it should be because people are aoeing a lot.


AOE Mets is due to streamers and the fact that they just wanted to level as fast as possible. Then everyone jumped in the bandwagon.

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“Me no understand mechanic. Me think mechanic bug. Oonga boonga!” smashes own skull with club


Ummmm, no… This is how we leveled new classes needed for raids and PVP back then. No different.

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I did some testing yesterday with what I had at my disposal and demo shout didn’t seem to be all that good for threat. Maybe there is a specific rank that is broken that I don’t have yet, but as a general rule… no … demo shout is not broken.


Nah. It generates a static amount of threat to each mob hit. You could say its total threat increases with more mobs hit, but that’s irrelevant because threat is an individual mob concept.


It’s only stupid because you don’t like it lol.

Cleave meta is not a problem.


It’s pretty crappy threat per rage unless it’s like 6+ mobs, and it’s not going to keep mobs off of a mage aoeing unless he waits a long time before starting. Warrior aoe is not mage aoe, and if warriors pull threat who cares, they have high armor.

This only works now because low level mobs don’t hit hard. It’s not going to work in Scholo or Dire Maul or UBRS, at least not until people are in epics and outgear it. The mobs just hit too hard. DPS will pull aggro and die or the healer will pull aggro and die if you try to pull 2+ groups and AoE.


Hmm, i think i was mixing it with battle shout scaling off friendly targets in radius.


Its, pretty mediocre. But it is our best aoe tool. Idea is to give warrior a head start before you aoe. That gives range aoe a significant buffer of threat that they can generate with damage before they will draw aggro.

From testing with my warlock and warrior, if I give my warrior about a 15 second window before beginning aoe, I pull aggro on my warlock at about the same time as co-level non-elite mobs start dying.

For elites, it isn’t practical. The headstart the warrior needs to avoid the solo warlock pulling aggro is too long. The healer will run out of mana keeping my warrior alive that long. Once you add more aoe, it works since the dps will be splitting threat at that point rather than one having to deal all the damage.

And that’s about right from what I remember from Vanilla. AOE down non-elites. Single target and cc elites unless you have multiple aoes.


I spam cleave team dungeons all the time, for cash, for XP, for all the good stuff. Guess what I don’t do. Demo shout. 2-hander + Windfury x 4. So clearly, Demo shout has absolutely zero bearing on why we’re doing this. We’re doing it because it’s dumb as bricks easy to do, and rains XP and gold all over us for the “effort”.

So you’ve got the symptoms right, but your diagnosis is all sorts of wrong doc.


Demo was always a good AOE tanking ability. The cleave meta is not a thing because demo is broken, it’s a thing because streamers have popularized it and it’s suddenly the mainstream way of dungeon running. It’s mostly just a thing up through the 30s-40s anyway, after that things are smoother with a traditional dungeon group.


This guy gets it


No, you were right. That’s the version that got nerfed in like 1.08 or something. :wink:


Hey. You’re one cool dude, you know that?


a new meta doesnt mean anything with the game changed, it could just be people playing differently 15 years later


Been cleaving since lvl 18 and still cleaving all the way through lbrs. More QQ pls I’m thirsty.


Demo shout is #nochanges.