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You will have to wait on your apeal nothing will get done here.


Welcome to Customer Support, not to be confused with Customer Service.

What does this mean? This forum is one for players to assist other players. What it is not, is a contact point for staff. The SFAS, the only Blues you will see posting here, are not GMs. They’re here for advice, insight and to keep us hoodlums in line. They have no part in the ticket/investigation/appeals process. Those are only handled by GMs, and can only be handled via the ticketing system.

You’ve already got an appeal in, that’s all you can do. And just for clarification, appeals are not to plead your case. They are there to get a fresh pair of eyes to look over all of the data to ensure no mistakes are made. The good thing though, you can appeal and appeal again (one at a time, of course) up until a time that you are warned that no more appeals will be accepted.

Blizzard will not give you an explicit reason or exact information about why you were suspended, they never do. Even if you’re not account sharing, there is still the possibility of exploitive practices. I don’t know any more than you do, but just reminding you that it wasn’t exactly THIS or THAT. Just that blanket category.

Beware of what you’re considering “research”. The majority of stories do not provide full disclosure. While it may feel great assuming there are others out there in the same boat, it is very rarely (not impossible, but very, very rare) the exact same circumstances. So please, take other peoples’ stories with a very large grain of saslt.


They did.

The appeal will be another set of eyes going over their logs - and the account action will either be upheld if they come to the same conclusion, or it’ll be over-turned.

Just because you use a VPN doesn’t mean they’ll instantly over-turn it. Just wait on the appeal outcome.

You can keep appealing too, until Blizzard explicitly tells you no more.

The appeal ticket is all you need - the other ticket is not needed, nor will it help.


Those are open - and will be reviewed. However, that said, looking at this I am not overly hopeful of this being overturned on review.


I got hit for the “A player on this account used a different game account to take part in exploitative play.” Was yours worded the same?

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I never logged into someone elses account. So its odd wording.

Just to add, if multiple people are all being hit at the same time - it would appear a ban wave has gone out since there are three of you right now popping up simultaneously.

Get your appeals in. Keep appealing. If this is some incident with borked data, it will come out in time and the accounts rectified. If the data is all correct? The sanctions will stand.


Idc so much about sanctions<<I am toxic sometimes. I would’ve understood a ban for me being mean or talking smack but have never logged into another person’s account.

This really isn’t the place for this kind of topic; if you want this looked at, the appeal system is the place. It’d be best not to get into what could’ve happened or the like.


Appeal was the first thing I did. Just wanted to see if anyone had been hit like this out of the blue before.

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This really is the only place for it, even if the leeway given for educational purposes is a small one. It’s more towards understanding than spitballing that “I called SoAndSo a turd three days ago, could that be it?” Those sorts of posts get shut down pretty quickly. :slight_smile: This, especially since it’s not just one person, helps the affected players as well as us folks who try to help them out when we know it’s potentially going to be slammed here in light of a ban wave or the like.

If it were to debate policies or to argue things out, then we’ve crossed over that line of education to why it’s against the rules to discuss such matters.


To give you a bit more info on VPNs. VPNs are not supported, but they are also not prohibited. Blizz does not ban for them but they don’t support someone in trying to get one working with WoW.

A VPN alone does not lead to a false positive - usually. They look at a lot more than just the VPN. They know exactly where someone logged in, what computer, what activity they engaged in, with whom, etc. They know about patterns related to certain boosting or RMT sales schemes. An example was the Mage Tower suspensions for account sharing and having someone pilot the account for the rewards.

I will note this is the first time I have seen that message before.

Quick reminder that Blizzard does not allow account sharing, gifting, transfer, etc. Only the registered account holder is allowed on the account - with the exception of one minor child you are the legal guardian of. That includes spouses - they can’t share accounts. Not saying you did that, just a reminder of the rules for anyone reading the thread.

False positives can happen of course, so that is what appeals are for.


Also hope you where not using a free VPN! You never want to use a free VPN, People who do bad things tend to use those and can lead to getting you in a lot of trouble. If you use a VPN make sure you always use it and with the same IP all the time. Never want to look like your bouncing across the map.

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This seems to be happening to multiple people with VPNs, they’re all being sent the same exact message and suspension.

Marking myself down as “safe from a VPN ban”. I often knock myself offline connecting to the one that I use in the middle of playing :laughing:

I think that they generally have the major VPN provider IPs noted. But from what the OP quoted it sounded like more than just account sharing was what they were dinged from, the “someone on your account” sounded more like a hedge. The “Exploitative Play” sounded like the operative bit.

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My interpretation of the message they received seems to be different than everyone else’s. Not that it particularly matters, only Blizzard’s does.

My interpretation is that Blizzard is saying that they logged into another account - such as a starter account, or some other “throwaway” type of account - to do something exploitative. Due to the “throwaway” nature of the account used, penalizing it means absolutely nothing, so they instead penalized the main account. How they tied the two accounts together - assuming not on the same account - I don’t know, but shouldn’t be terribly difficult (IP address, hardware fingerprint, etc.).

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The thing is people I know, who I know don’t account share or have multiple accounts, are now telling me they’ve gotten this same exact thing. :upside_down_face: The only thing they have in common is using a VPN.

Most I did was warn my other friends to stop with the VPNs for now since it’s apparently a bannable offense now. :person_facepalming: I hope they sort this out soon.

Thats all speculation VPNs were never bannable but sometimes something goes wonky and there are mistakes made.


Indeed he was:

But we’re all speculating and we don’t know. It is a ban wave for something, though that’ll never be information we’ll know.

It’s all up to the appeals system at this point.