Delete please

please delete


Come get to know us!

Come hang with us :slight_smile:

not sure why im naked? im definitely dressed in game lol

cards against humanity online tomorrow (thursday) @ 8pm est!

come hang out with us :slight_smile:

good morning :slight_smile:

happy weekend!

i updated the post

This is a really great guild with a good atmosphere if you’re looking for something casual and social.

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Really great people and a chill atmosphere.

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Im very interested in your group ill be in touch :smiley: Looks like a good thing you got going

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Thank you for the compliment! Please msg me on discord: BlueEyed#6738 Looking forward to hearing from you!

Tried the discord name, but it didn’t work lol Veliicelis#1722 on bnet or Atalanta (Addy)#4711 on disc are mine

A bit interested in joining if I end up playing again. Just need the right people to make it worth it. Any guild connections you guys have that raid though? Cuz that will be a primary interest and I see you guys don’t

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Yes, we have a member who has a regular pug group he raids with that anyone can go on as well! I’ll attempt adding you on discord. I’m currently on vacation till Tuesday and only have my phone!

My birthday was on Monday & I got sick :frowning: Glad to be home with my computer, tho!

Still looking for more new friends!

Awesome! Please msg me on discord: wigglehugs#6738 :slight_smile: Looking forward to chatting!

Really fun group, great atmosphere, great leadership!

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still looking!