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This was posted last night.

First things first, are those connected realms?

Other thing, it kinda close to Cross Realm Advertising which is now forbidden. The way I understand it, everybody needs to be on the same realm/connected realm that is doing the run.


Nope. Moon Guard is a stand-alone. As for the others… according to the server forums, they are all too stand-alone realms not connected to any others.


It’s not about the realms, it’s about the method of it.
Now when it says Cross Realm Advertising which is now forbidden I would like more info on that part

we wouldn’t be cross realm advertising, we would be advertising on our own realms with our mains, so 4 keys
it’s just the players would be cross realms, but the gold would be given to play on the realm of person buying and the main toon would be in the run

So really 3 players every key would be doing the key for no gold

it would be running 4 keys back to back that each player on each realm collect full gold and doesn’t trade it to anyone else.

mal ganis player sells key takes 100k gold
area 52 player sells key takes 100k gold
tich player sells key takes 100k gold
moon play sells key takes 100k gold

“Other thing, it kinda close to Cross Realm Advertising which is now forbidden. The way I understand it, everybody needs to be on the same realm/connected realm that is doing the run.” <<< this is what i want more info on

cause my take on cross realm advertising is not the same as yours, why I just want to make sure we have all info we can to make sure as a player base we stay within the TOS blizzard gives us

Dude, that’s kind of dicey.

Also, Blizzard does take a dim view of players trying to game the rules and policies. My general opinion if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

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The blues ain’t really able to really say yay or nay on a given event as there can and will be me gray areas that they can’t know beforehand when given an answer on a the rules, let alone a new one.

Why I want to know from blizzard if this is allowed because we all can see things different cause only blizz knows what they fully mean

At this point in time, it’s just more a hypothetical.

I’m currently just chilling in game questing I just want to understand the full TOS and ways that is can be done for future purposes

Best advice, do so at your own risk.

The policy is vague for a reason, it’s allows Blizzard to make adjustments as they see fit. I don’t think you’ll get a detailed clarification on what you are asking for.


Yes that is what I’m taking but as I have had in the past contact with support with other things not boosted related they have told me yes, but it can come with a risk of being banned or suspended

If blizzard tells me, I can but there is a risk with it, I will understand and base what I’m going to do of that it is somewhat of a grey area and I know it’s somewhat vague

as I said, if they say that it’s a risk to do it I will not do it, I keep my account in excellent standing with blizzard I’ve been silenced once in 10+ years and been an advertiser for boosting for around 4 years

As it’s cross-realm, even with everything else you mentioned, I’d say don’t do it. It crosses the line into what the announcement says isn’t allowed.

If your friends want to boost with you, it would be better for them to level characters on the same realm as yours.


As I said, it’s just a hypothetical

it’s also just not for me, I might not even boost again I just want to get as much info out on this from different POV

I’m not doing anything till the storm calms after the banning of communities

Just to point it out - Blizzard don’t really base their answers on hypothetical events, folks can and will use gray areas in that to justified their actions.


its cross realm and is a community at that point no matter how small

your accounts your risk but dont qq when you get you and your friends in trouble like a high school kids trying to bend the rules

“Organizations who disruptively advertise across all realms and establish escrow services are the primary target of this policy update. Guilds and individuals who are inviting players from another realm to join them in traditional game activities in exchange for gold are allowed, as they were before.”

Blizzard blue post no escrow no organization

So as I’m understanding it:

Player on A52 advertises as an individual, receives gold and participates in the boost. The other 3 players in the group do not advertise and do not receive any portion of the gold.

Based on the original blue post and the update, this seems entirely consistent with policy to me. Not sure how a GM would interpret it but the wording seems to be extremely clear in that the goal was to cut out the cross-realm advertising by middlemen.


At this point you are likely to be banned just for advertising anything at all, even if it’s free, so I would err on the side of caution.

Yes, in other words, then the mal ganis player would go do the same on mal ganis and so on as a group of friends

Yeah, my interpretation is that this would be totally fine. There’s no cross-realm advertising and no gold changing hands other than between the advertiser, who is also participating in the activity, and the buyer. Further, the activity is occurring within a group of friends and not an actual boosting community.

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It’d probably be best to post in general, offering feedback on the new rule, stating to clear things up. Having different interpretations of a given thing isn’t best as folks will just take what they like and run with it.