Delete please and thank you

all im saying is others have already got long time outs for very similar types of advertising and the appeal was denied because it was cross realm. you have already made up your mind so good luck to you and your friends


I gonna keep saying it… Do so at your own risk

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at the moment it’s probably best not to talk about the game in /2 at all, lest some people decide you’re a spammer and report you.

edit: just noticed this is CS, not GD :cowboy_hat_face:

That’s the thing. The scenario presented is not cross-realm advertising whatsoever, the advertiser is participating in the activity and gold is not changing any hands other than between them and the buyer.

You may be confused by those who are getting bans for advertising in /1 (General), which is indeed actionable since that is outside of the trade chat channel. Also, /1 chat is accessible to CRZ groups, and therefore any ads posted there go out cross-realm as well, making it a double-whammy so to speak. If ads are contained in Trade chat only, as the rules state, then the ads will not go outside of the connected realm group.

As others have noted, it’s a new policy that needs to be shaken out. Parts of it will be misinterpreted by players and you can likely expect some disruptive reports being made before the smoke clears.

If I were you, I’d sit back for a couple of weeks and let someone else play the part of early Christian until the actual implementation of the policy becomes clearer.


Pretty much as I said, this is all just hypothetical

I have not talked to anyone about boosting since the TOS has changed

I am not currently looking at doing any of this at this moment in time as I am doing druid bear forms in game atm

it is trying to bring about knowledge and understanding for everyone that has been or will be a booster on a point that has not been remotely stated

This post explains it in a less wall of text

I have to say, it’s kind of wild to watch “we’ll let the players decide” be the official policy in just this one area when feedback is ignored in most others.

Yeah, it’s going to be a wild watch, I am sure people have already been doing this but time will tell on things

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Because, by the end of the day, it is still their IP and their game. They’re allow to ignore what they want or not.

Oh I know it’s hypothetical. For me personally, I’d be comfortable doing it, but that’s just me.

Blizzard keeps the rules vague for a reason. For your hypothetical, since it is the same group from non-connected realms participating, and gold being exchanged, that would be escrow. That would then fall under the rules violations stated in the policy.

No, their hypothetical has no escrow in it whatsoever. Gold goes straight from buyer to them and is not distributed to anyone else in the group. Gold is not going into a third party’s hands.


Point taken, but he is still partaking in cross realm advertising by having the same group of 4 doing so on their particular realms and having gold exchanged, even if the character receiving the gold keeps all the gold. All 4 are advertising, and all 4 are receiving gold from their advertising. That is where the escrow comes in.

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wouldn’t be escrow tho

An escrow is a third party holding the gold that was stated in blizzard first blue post of what they are going after

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To perform cross-realm advertising, a player would have to post in General chat (which is already forbidden), or create a toon on a realm for the purpose of advertising a boost that they will perform (if at all) on a different realm.

Since, in this hypothetical, the advertiser sticks to their own realm, confined to trade chat, and uses the toon they’re advertising with to also participate in the activity, there is no cross-realm advertisement whatsoever.

There is also no gold passing through third-party hands since the buyer is paying the booster directly. You cannot have an escrow without a third party being involved, so escrow is not occurring either.

This hypothetical, quite frankly, is no different than people who sell “boosts” by creating a group with the buyer, and then joining a pug as the group. That has always been and remains perfectly fine to do (even though the other three who are pugged have no idea that they’re doing a hard carry).

The point is, it would look like escrow since 4 are advertising on non-connected realms, and all 4 getting gold, and all 4 are participating.

I’m not sure how you’re coming up with this, but that would be entirely dispelled by a GM simply reviewing chat logs and trade logs (if someone even bothered trying to report that activity to begin with).

You might just want to all have people all on the same realm and even in the same guild. As boosting done and sold by guilds is allowed.

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Allowed, but still bannable if you get reported. Why even risk it at this point, especially so late in the season?

Old way of boosting:
Player A gives Player B gold seeing Player B’s advertisement for point C.
Player B takes that and puts that into giant holding bank (point C for reference).
Point C takes that gold then pays player B (for advertising) then D, E, F, G (for the boost).

The gold is held at point C to be distributed to B, D, E, F, G regardless of realm for boosting players for point C due to player B advertising and accepting player A’s gold at a determined time with a percentage cut to Point C. This is what is banned because this is escrow because the Point C is acting as an escrow bank similar to how irl banks hold escrow for people that pay house payments (for insurance taxes etc).

The OP’s scenario:
Player D advertises on Player D realm.
Players D E F G run a dungeon for Player A that is located on Player D’s realm.
Player A (who is local to Player D’s realm) gives gold to player D.
Player D keeps gold without forwarding to a C entity or player E, player F or player G on alts on Player D’s realm. The gold stays on player D.
Player E then advertises on his realm, same thing happens except with player E with a different player (player X local to Player E’s realm).
Again with player F (Player Y local to Player F’s realm)
Again with player G (Player Z local to Player G’s realm).

Each player makes 100k per player, and each character advertising is participating in the group that is advertising and per the rules, and does not forward any gold to a C type entity that holds gold to pay out to player. It is also not cross realm advertising since the player is advertising on their native realm with the character they are participating on and the subsequent players will then advertise on their native realms with their native realm characters. Cross realm advertising would be creating characters for just the purpose of advertising, like player B in the scenario to then distribute funds to players.

This is how I interpret the rules, but blizz is the only one that really knows and they won’t comment on it more than it was already commented on along with players will interpret it as whatever they want to interpret it as or “report it and let blizzard sort it out.”

Boost at your own risk is the only bit of advice I can give, which is what others have said or just don’t do it til the dust settles a bit.

Edit: idk why that responded to jetsum it was supposed to just be inline with the chat.