Day Night Cycle

I wish true night would return.

Adding to the voices of OCE players. I recently came to the Oceanic servers from Wrath classic, which has the day/night cycle sync’ed locally to Australia time.
If Wrath can do it, why can’t the most recent version of Retail do it too?

It’s really (really) starting to annoy me. I mean I love the night mood in WoW, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just always night due to the perplexing timezone choice of the local servers.

Please Blizz, give us the day cycle in sync with out local time?
And if for some weird reason that’s not possible at a server level, can’t we be permanently phased into a local time sync? OR make it an option at an NPC?

yeah, adding to the list of frustrated Australian players. We are actually players you know, not numbers. Don’t understand why Blizzard think its okay to ignore actual players, are they that evil?

Yes they are

who said it had to be Australian time??? All servers should be set to NZ time, the only correct time in the world!

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Adding to the list…please let the daylight shine

Adding to this. I can say for sure its taking a massive amount of the gameplay experience away having to play in near permanent night time. Surely this is a simple fix that someone can get a hold of - Blizzard. Why cant we have ourselves aligned to Asian Servers?

Idc. NZ time, Singapore. Just give us SOMETHING close to that timezone.

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Yeah, FF14 does this also. It’s brilliant.

Their original post got deleted, any idea why?

The existence of the aforementioned toy seems to indicate this would be a relatively simple undertaking?

The lack of action around this (six+ years and counting…) seems to demonstrate Blizzard doesn’t care and/or are too lazy to rectify it.

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Or at least extend the duration of the toy to something more than 2h (maybe 4 or 6h?) and for it to continue thru death and instanced content.

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Not an oce player, but I fully support a fix to day night cycle.
Either as people have suggested by having day night cycle on a shorter than 24 hour mode in game, or remove the cooldown on the sun in a jar and add a moon in a jar so that you can set it to nighttime if you wish.

I spend most of my playing time at relative night time, it’d be nice to see the in game world in daytime mode more often. I use the jar, but it gets removed if you queue for anything :sob:

I hear complaints about this all the time. It should be addressed.

just do with the day/night cycle jeez. just have daytime 24/7 thanks.

It’s not just the day night cycle, but it’s the cycle for all the spawns. Try camping out at Gurubashi and forgetting that it’s set to Californian time, DST, then AU server conversion. Some of the spawns shift by hours.


Adding to this !
Please give us an option to put the night/day cycle to our local time !

I want to see daylight in game.

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plz fix blizz

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