Darkmoon Faire Update

Due to a bug, the Darkmoon Faire did not start as expected yesterday.

With a hotfix that we’ve deployed today, the Darkmoon Faire will start next weekend, and will run for its usual full week. This is now reflected accurately in the in-game calendar.

The event should operate as expected in future months.



Isnt a hotfix like… something that goes live right away?


Weird, almost like there was someone who made a forum post asking why DMF wasn’t listed in the Calender anymore. Good thing someone is diligently watching for these problems.

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They’re probably postponing the start of the event this month to compensate for losing a few days to the bug.

One curious thing though, I see no dates after April…

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Not necessarily. Hotfixes are applied to a live game and are fixes that they need to scramble to get done, which is why they’re quickly adding it to tomorrow’s maintenance.

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Or…hear me out…just have the DF run all the time. Expand it, and add to it in patches to give players new mini-games, and activities, and buffs, and fun stuff…all the time! :slight_smile:


Or it could be that the people responsible fixing things like this had, say, the entire December 24 - January 2 period off work.

Don’t know about you, but I can wait a week for the Fair.


Not always, but speaking personally, I would prefer to wait until next weekend where we can get our usual full week, instead of starting it now and having 1-2 days less time.

Thank you for the update Kaivax- and thank you to the team for working to get the problem fixed!

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Thanks for the communication! Delaying a week so that it could run the entire week was the right call.

A bug?

Quit trying to cover for those carney Gnomes that were two hungover to set up and open their freak show.


Was 27 days ago


I am actually somewhat pleased with this.

See, my GPU went belly up New Years Day-- I log into my machine that morning, and it’d doing a remarkable imitation of an electric brick. Right now I’m running on a cheapie card that barely allows me to see email and boards, maybe stream a low-res clip or two. Certainly not play the game-- or any games, unless you can direct me to some that work nicely with an FPS of 2.

Thursday, I’m getting not a new card, but a whole new machine-- I’ve been due for a replacement anyhow-- which will be much improved over what I’ve been running anyway, so I’m happy to wait a week before the Faire, and have a full week’s shot at boosting a few extra alts a bit faster under new graphics, processors, and everything.

Thank you, Blizzard.


Thanks for the update. I was missing riding the Merry-Go-Round and deep fried food.

let me guess, there was unholy alliance with Moonfang and Darkmoon Rabbit and cause chaos within the faire?

Thats great news, but I notice that it is only showing on the calendar up to April. Any reason for that or was the hotfix a bit buggy?

That would be pretty fun to see actually.

Our long national nightmare is over

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Deposit 1 WoW Token for an additional month of DMF please.


go look at the PTR and tell us what patch version it is

then put two and two together and you can figure out the rest

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