Dark moon fair GONE

Imagine patching out the dark moon fair on accident, Cause you dont know how to manage a 15 year old game. GET IT TOGETHER BLIZZ


in blizzard’s defense, they’re a small independent company


well if you read the content update plan it wasnt an accident “Darkmoon Faire will be released Feb 10th”

And taken away the 11th?

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DMF dropped yesterday, as the release states. And was removed accidentally today, that’s the issue.


I found the darkmoon faire. It moved to moonglade.

In my fanfiction

Thankfully, already on their radar.

EDIT adding this line, and the comment that the plus side here is that whatever bug is unlikely to occur again. This was the first time DMF has been up, and who knows what has changed with how realm maintenance is done. Once dealt with, no future DMF is likely to go missing. (Will that spawn cries of Alliance favoritism, since the next one is in Elwynn? XP)

Can’t really say I expect anything to go smoothly at this point. WC3 was an unmitigated disaster. Classic has been a sh*tshow since day 1. Retail writing is trash. It’s like they fired everyone that knows anything about videogames and just hired a bunch of suits who play mobile games.


It seems Blizz is experimenting with the psychology of scarcity. Perhaps they’ll monetize this in the future somehow.

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nope they just incompetent…


Ask yourself this when was the last time Blizzard released any kind of patch, game launch, etc that went smoothly and wasn’t plagued with heavy issues/controversy.


Starcraft 2 has been pretty alright. Overwatch has been great too. Maybe Papa Jeff can save us?

I remember 2009, too.

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It was cute at first now it’s just embarrassing.

no way I dont can kuck Kaplan anywhere near Classic. he’s idea of fun has ruined Overwatch.

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Have you played in the last month? The PTR with hero bans is even better. They at least acknowledge their issues and provide video feedback on why they make changes.

I feel so old lmao.

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Nope. Quit since he’s bipolar on what game balance is and changes are made throwing paper balls into a trash bin to see what sticks.

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Well, we can all agree they are imperfect.

But without any knowledge of the details, who is incompetent? And how do you know that anyone is incompetent? Have “incompetent” and “imperfect” switched meanings?

Jeff has been pretty clear on what he thinks/his ideas. The OW dev team isn’t just him and he talks about how they each have different ideas on balance. When was the last time you played, and what rank did you play at? It’s a vastly different game in masters and gm.