Darkmoon Faire Dissapeared?

Would explain why I havent seen my good pal Steve around lately.


LOL, I managed to get the buff last night! and yeah this morning its gone, weird!

kickin myself for not getting it last night with the “it’ll be here in the morning” mentality >.> feelsbad

I was in it during the maintenance and awoke to a empty dusty area. They left me!

I went to goldshire yesterday on Atiesh. nada. have not logged into game today yet.

We had a bug rear its ugly head with realm maintenance.

We’re working to bring the Faire back as soon as possible.


It’s not gonna be in goldshire. Its in Mulgore.

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Typical carnies. Take your money and ghost.


tyty <3 hopefully doesnt reset the server and world buff timers >.>

Whats the latest and how does this happen when this game is over a decade old? I heard the 10% dmg buff from the Sayge is removed on raid zone in. this true?

Is anyone absolutely shocked at how inept this company is?

actually not suprised by this… I figured I could go to bed and snag the DMF Buff in the morning but just even more let down by Blizzivison


Its actually getting to the point that paying for this version of the game isnt even worth it. I cant believe how much better private servers were run than actual classic. Good fix on WSG tho. Hope that actually helps

We got us a bug, boys!
wields exterminator gun

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What bothers me is that 3 hours after this post went up we got a blue response, so they are reading the forums, they see all the problems…

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Do you think they care? Blizzard just released WC3R… that should show how far this company has fallen.

The bug isn’t what’s surprising. A blue responded to a post here! This is a brand new development for these forums. Unheard of.


No, this is not the case.

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10 bucks says you’ll still log in today though.

not gonna lie, this is actually hilarious.

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