Dark moon fair GONE

I for one am surprised Blizz could bungle a patch this badly. Very surprised.

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Quit defending activison you shill.

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I gave up when they started this whole quad tank meta since they kept nerfing dps classes. I played around a high diamond - low masters and to be honest at most brackets games sucked since people kept picking trash trob, sym, bastion.

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Oh yea, quad tank is gone. They introduced role queue, so its just locked to 2tanks-2healers-2dps now.

You should give it a try again. Each queue/role has its own SR now as well.

That doesn’t fix the underlying issues of tank classes just being outright better. It just forces people to play with worse classes.

I still miss the days of 5 man 76 rushes. When OW was good and ridiculous, right before they decided every hero needed a homoerotic back story.

But this is not a 15 year old game. It is a game about 1 year old created to mimic the original 15 year old game.

They were bound to get some things wrong.

Tanks and shields are nowhere near as good right now, and depending on when you played last, the people that still play actually regroup (I know there was a solid amount of time where no one did). Most of the heroes are in a pretty decent spot right now imo.

You can still play with 6 of the same people in quickplay classic in the Arcade section. I am glad those comps are gone from competitive though. 2 Winston 2 Lucio 2 Tracer was not fun to play or play against with infinite overtime.

Also, who cares if 76 is gay or Tracer lesbian?

OW is 100% more fun to play than current WoW PvP (if you can even call it that).

Youre not old unless you remember Tseric the GM who got defeated by shaman trolls on the forums, he literally had a meltdown and went to therapy and quit his job later on.

Was that the skinning a bear should aggro every bears guy?

That’s Alamo, he was just a comedian, Tseric was a community blizzard employee for the forums who literally yelled at the customers (well, trolls on the forums… still paying customer) then “quit” more like asked to leave if you ask me LOL