Dance Of The Dead 2023 - Oct 20th & 21th - 25 Million Gold In Prizes

"Within the borders of Lordaeron, autumn was celebrated by a great harvest festival. The Kingdom has fallen, and its citizens are a twisted mockery of what they once were. With the return of Calia Menethil to her people and the formation of the Desolate Council, there have been curious whispers in the north of clandestine games and hunger for the Forsaken to regain their legitimacy on the world stage.*

Once more, hunting horns in Lordaeron howl, as the Forsaken gather to celebrate their liberation from the grips of the Lich King in the way they know best: with tournaments of blood sport and dark arts."

  • Dates: Oct 20st & 21, 2023
  • Discord:
    Schedule, Rules, Prizes, Booths, Contests & More In Discord
  • Factions: Horde / Neutral / Alliance (Prizes open to all Factions)
  • Server: Moon Guard - US, all RP servers are welcome.
  • Contact: Banshih (H-MG), Aeythyr (H-WRA), Krokthar (H-MG), Shenronda (A-MG), Speaks (A-MG)
  • Location: Caer Darrow, Island in the Western Plaguelands
  • Benefitting The Wounded Warrior Project
  • Trailer Animation Credit: Shenimations

We want to thank these amazing prize sponsors for their generous donations that make the prize pools for our annual event!

-Embers of the Flame: 8,700,000g
-The Scarlet Dominion: 6,000,000g
-Orion: 3,000,000g
-Blackwater Company: 2,500,000g
-Sunfury Batallion: 2,000,000g
-United Rose: 1,750,000g
-Royal Apothecary Society: 772,500g
-Min-Yung: 700,000g
-Karksh: 338,000g
-Hand of Algalon: 250,000g

Once more, a big thank you to our sponsors this year!

2023 Booths & Tournaments

Booth 1: Build An Abomination | < Royal Apothecary Society >
Booth 2: Lark & Siren | Captain Irridessa
Booth 3: Artist Alley (3 artists, gold tips accepted)
Booth 4: Death Prediction Tarot | < Undercity Nexus >
Booth 5: Voodoo Hoodoo Shack | < Hand of Algalon >
Booth 6: Darkmoons Finest | < Darkmoon’s Finest >
Booth 7: SCORPIO Industries | < Operation GENESIS >
Booth 8: Ashes of Alar | < Ashes of Al’ar >
Booth 9: Trick Or Treat | < Succulent Tart >
Booth 10: The Blackwater Company | < Blackwater Company >
Wandering Booth: Ghostly Scavenger | < Undercity Nexus >
C.C. Costume Contest (Friday) & Tirifal Theater Troupe (Saturday)

For additional information, such as the schedule and individual booth information, please visit the discord community. Each booth has a dedicated discord channel.


Current Active Bounties (RP-PVP)


Shout out and a major thank you to the amazing guilds and groups pooling prize gold this year! We just broke 17.3 million gold in prizes, with more donations coming soon! We will be rebalancing the prize pools for this year’s tournaments and announcing new prize brackets soon to reflect the massive prize pool!

Thank you <3


New this year, we are excited to welcome the Tirisfal Theater Troupe! For Saturday only attendees can enjoy the newest play and some of their classic comedy performances!


The Lordaeron Memorial March heralds the start of the annual observation of the Forsaken, reflecting upon the Scourging Of Lordaeron and the events of the 3rd war. This year’s Memorial March retraced Arthas’s journey from the Throneroom after slaying his Father, to the Sunwell. The observant faithful of the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow led the observation with prayer, and blessings of ash before those gathered were able to leave offerings of mourning at the blood stain upon the throneroom floor to the fallen King. Escorting the observers and mourning was a squad of Death Knights under the command of 2nd generation Death Knights sworn to repay their debt to the fallen for this sins in the 3rd War against their own people.

Upon arriving at the border Qual’thalas the Lordaeron Memorial March was greeted by the awaiting combined forces of The Pheonix Legion and Sunfury Battalion, who welcomed the mourns before proceeding to lead the march to the Dead Scar where the Sin’dorei would end the march with their own mourning and speeches reflecting back upon the terrible events.

Thank you all for making this the single largest memorial march, with well over 100 players attending.

Guardians of the slain, a debt yet to be repaid. (Below)

Reception of the march by the Sunfury Battalion and The Phoenix Legion.

The speech and presentation by Luneth, it was exceptional.

Sadly, I did not catch all of the speeches. However, here is a small sample of the rp speeches from this year from various RPers.

Aeythyr, Sunfury Battalion Speech
Aeythyr dismounts his warhorse and walks slowly to the center area of the scar. Reaching down to a satchel near his belt, he extracts a bottle of what appears to be a dark liquor. He remains silent, uncorking it, then raises the bottle into the air with one hand and begins tipping the bottle slowly. Eventually, dark brown liquid begins pouring out, slowly at first, then faster as he continues to tilt the bottle further and further, until it is completely inverted.

Aeythyr watches as the last drops trickle out from the bottle, replaces the cork, and puts it back in the satchel at his belt.

“Tonight we honor our fallen, our brothers and sisters, Sin’dorei and other allies, who have selflessly offered their blood, to protect Quel’thalas, and this Horde, so that others may sleep safely without knowing the horrors of war. To those who fought at our side, we thank you for your sacrifice, may you know that we continue to stand vigilant to protect that for which you died. To those captured, prisoners of recent wars, still in the hands of our enemies… We are coming for you brothers and sisters. We are coming with vengeance.”

“Make no mistake, the vigilance of the Sin’dorei shall continue… to those who would protect our people, I offer you my shield and the aid of the Sunfury… to those who would threaten our people… I offer you… my sword at your throat, and condolences to your next of kin.”

“Selama Ashal’anore… For the Glory of Quel’thalas.”
Aeythyr salutes the crowd and walks slowly, back to his steed.

Sinor, United Rose Speech
“Bal’a dash friends, comrades, and allies; I am Sinora Bloodrose. Twenty years ago, these lands were sought out by Arthas Menethil, seeking to use our Sunwell for his twisted ends with the aid of an army of Scourge Undead and the traitorous Dar’khan Drathir. In the terrible assault and near genocide that ensued, I was stationed with a Battalion in Southern Eversong—now known as the Ghostlands. My Lord-Commander received reports from sentries that the Prince had crossed our borders and was butchering his way for the Outer Enchanted Elfgate; we were given orders to move forward and provide the Ranger-General with whatever backup we could.”

“I remember how certain we were… how we thought the Prince’s little “tantrum” would be an empty threat to us. After all, what damage could some shambling mindless Human corpses do to our High Home? However, we underestimated their numbers and necromancers. We were overrun. Every death only added another to their ranks. Our pride, self-assuredness, and reckless courage? It was all for nothing… when our Lord-Commander was killed, what morale was left died with him, and our ranks shattered. Many still stood their ground, but others fled into the trees for their lives, while a few… like me… pulled back to try and help evacuate our families. Many of us were local, hailing from Houses in Southern Eversong, and believed the Inner Enchanted Elfgate was unbreachable, and if only we could get our kin within it… we’d be more than fine with facing punishment for abandoning our posts after it was over.”

“If only we knew what would come later. However, my house… we never even got as far as crossing the river. At the time, it consisted only of my father, myself, and our handful of servants. A simple evacuation, yes? No… because the Scourge army covered too much ground too quickly. My home was directly in the path of what would soon become the Dead Scar. Needless to say… my father did not live to see our homeland fall, and I retreated to Silvermoon alone with a broken shield. Silvermoon fell within days following the first attacks, and our Sunwell was corrupted and had to be destroyed by our Prince.”

“The hunger left in the wake of its end, however, was staggering. It was humiliating to witness… everyone staked their hopes on our Prince—a young man still grieving his father—and cried to him for hope while siphoning dry the mana of the very fauna of our home to try and stall their withdrawal effects. In desperation, we all turned to our mortal allies… the Prince departed with those who followed him, leaving the Regent-Lord in charge during his absence.”She took a slow, deep breath, hands closing their fingers around her forearms behind her back. “And despite my house’s oath of service to the Prince, I lingered behind…”

“We suffered. All of us suffered! We fell from the grace our own efforts bestowed us and became lax, arrogant, and repeated the foolishness of our Highborne ancestors! We stagnated and closed ourselves away! Now, however… now we’ve not only shed our own tears, sweat, and blood to avenge the ones who fell, but we’ve become even greater! Because we stood up and refused to surrender ourselves! We stand together with the Horde! We have a new Sunwell but we do not depend upon it! We will forever remember those we lost so long as we don our red! We are the unbending Sin’dorei!! Aranal, Sin’dorei! Anar’alah belore!”

There were many more speeches and so many amazing moments. Thank you all for coming out, and making this march so exceptional. Happy Dance Of The Dead week!


Luneth’s Elegy from the Memorial March at the Dead Scar:

Luneth unfurls an illustrious scroll that brims with crisp crimson ink and magnanimous mana!

The Minister begins his elegy with an elegant loft of his euphonious voice, to inspire all to listen and commiserate amongst themselves.

"For eons, we Sin’dorei have donned the mantle of remembrance to honor those fallen and lost.

And though we have followed the well-trodden path through the desolation of sacrifice, if not risen up from our very ashes, the Blood Elves endure.

“We charge you, Children of the Sun, to light the memories that others forget, to seek solace in the embers of a flame extinguished…so that you may carry on the fire of renewal.”

“That we may persevere even past all odds, all obstacles.”

“Though many seek to destroy and tear down, we will build up, everlasting and as steadfast as the Eternal Sun!”

The Minister offers a dulcet simper dancing across his lips, his grief palpable, yet his words steadfast.

“Sin’dorei and elf friend, we are here to till the very soil upon which we now stand.”

“This soil, fed with the blood of our most beloved friends and family, who cry out day and night in this desolate place for us to remember them. . .”

“Inspired by our songs of mourning, our tears water down like the great rivers of Elrendar.”

“With our lamentations we fill this scar with rivulets of gold and lull the bereavement of the dead.”

“Leaving it as placid and tranquil as the enchanted Thalassian sea.”

“A great hush will sweep this land, till but the gloaming resonance of Belore’s light can be heard like clarion bells by our ears alone.”

From the heavens above, a pillar of light spills down into the Dead Scar, illuminating the area at the Minister’s feet.

"From that radiance a seed in dormancy will sprout forth anew.

“The very Boughs of Thas’alah will touch the firmament of Ban’dinoriel, to shine Her incandescence from the shores of the Eastern Kingdoms to the mountains of Kalimdor.”

“And from the Mother Tree’s blossoms, the spirit of the Sin’dorei will bear theurgic fruit for all to see, liberation… at last.”

“For as stewards of magic, blessed by the Well of Eternity, are we not in turn stewards of Azeroth Herself?”

“This Day of Memorial we are here as the torchlight of everburning remembrance—that the very blood of Titans is in your hands.”

“As Lord Dath’Remar shepherded us, we must use this gift to shepherd not only our people, but all those that this world cherishes.”

Extending his arms out towards the crowd, he makes a familial gesture of the all-embracer.

“Though we elves are a many-hued heritage, through the loom of tenacity we are woven and bound by one blood, one bond, one tapestry. Ancient as time itself.”

“The world may erode away, but our legacy is forever!”

“For our People, for Quel’Thalas, for the Sunwell!”

“Ama noral’arkhana, belono sil’aru, Belore’dorei!”

(Saved by magic, we shoulder our burdens well, Children of the Sun.)

Luneth swells up with a great sense of pride and the pain of ages, his long Highborne ears burning like cinders at the tips.

With flourishing finality his elegy ends with a melodious sweep of his hands, scarlet and sapphire threads of arcane and nature blossoming at his feet, inspiring a bouquet of spring Eversong saplings to bless them with their tranquil evanescence as they rise from the ashes of the Dead Scar.


Since our early backs in Burning Crusade, the festival has been a tournament ground for blood sport and revel. With such challenges and thrills, there is great risk, but also great rewards.

This year’s tournament prize pool total is: 15 Million Gold divided among 3 major tournaments spread between two days. With the additional gold used generously to assist with other aspects of the festival. Winners and participants of the tournaments and contests need to be in discord for verification of details for prizes.

We ask that all players participating in the Costume Contest (Friday) be in Discord for verification purposes and confirmation of gold prizes received. The costume contest comprises 3 main categories and has sign-up open in Discord. The prize pool for each category is as follows.

Categories: Style, Silly, Scary

  • 1st Place - 750,000
  • 2nd Place - 400,000
  • 3rd Place - 250,000
  • 4th Place - 150,000
  • 5th Place - 100,000
  • Judge Favorites (3 total) - 100,000 each

We ask that all players participating in the D20 Duel Tournament (Saturday) be in Discord for verification purposes and confirmation of gold prizes received. Trolling, harassment, and bad sportsmanship will result in a forfeit of prizes and a potential event ban.

  • 1st Place - 1,500,000
  • 2nd Place - 1,250,000
  • 3rd Place - 1,000,000
  • 4th Place - 500,000
  • 5th Place - 250,000
  • 6th Place - 150,000
  • 7th Place - 100,000
  • 8th Place - 100,000
  • 9th Place - 100,000
  • 10th Place - 100,000
  • Judges’ Picks Of Transmogs - 50,000 a total of 4 winners.

We ask that all players participating in the PVP Duel Tournament (Friday) be in Discord for verification purposes and confirmation of gold prizes received. Trolling, harassment, and bad sportsmanship will result in a forfeit of prizes and a potential event ban.

  • 1st Place - 1,250,000
  • 2nd Place - 1,000,000
  • 3rd Place - 750,000
  • 4th Place - 500,000
  • 5th Place - 250,000
  • 6th Place - 150,000
  • 7th Place - 100,000
  • 8th Place - 100,000
  • 9th Place - 100,000
  • 10th Place - 100,000
  • Honorable Mention - 100,000 a total of 2 winners.
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I’ve got some feedback for your “hunt” event done on Thursday today.

I have been around since original Classic, I have participated in so many roleplay events I could not even to put it to number.

This is the worst RP-PVP experience I have ever seen coordinated.

To start: The Alliance supposedly had too many members, and while this definitely did not feel to be the case in what we counted, so we were forced to trim seven players from Eastvale. It ended up being all of our numbers, since we did rolls to determine.

However, the number of “Alliance” Players counted included the scarlet / neutral group, and they did not interact and work with the rest of the players. This was a concern that was expressed by officers on Alliance’s side and it was ignored.

That means the horde, who had no reason, was going to have x2 the amount of players for a fight no matter which Alliance group they encountered, and with such stacked numbers, it was doomed to be absolutely one-sided.

It was offered to run two hunts one after another, one central with the Alliance and then another with the scarlets, so that it could be balanced.

Scarlets and the Alliance had absolutely separate goals and had zero reason to work together; Yet we were balanced by number as if we were supposed to work together.

This failed the event to a point of absolute disgust to begin with.

But the failings do not stop there; The horde team involved showed ugly unsportsmanlike behavior, death gripping people who were rezzing after a fight had entered, hunters instant-attacking people just trying to rez and regroup.

And then there was a very important rule change 20 minutes before the event started. For clarification, as I understand it, the general balancing of the “race” of the prisoners and horde/alliance released at their times was tested extensively WITH THE IDEA THAT THE PRISONERS COULD USE THEIR MOVEMENT ABILITIES.


…And Banshih/theDotD team changed this to no movement skills as the event, essentially, started, and they were no longer allowed to use them

The tests before were already incredibly tight in a base of a window. Depending on the direction in which the huntees ran, they would never be able to encounter a single alliance player before the horde could catch them. This was tested several times by the Alliance.

In the end, I’m just disgusted. I’m disgusted I was even present, my fellow guild members are disgusted, and as someone who has never interacted with this side of the server’s community, the taste in my mouth is so poor I will not only never interact again, but I feel it’s important to express how poorly done, communicated, and planned to anyone and everyone who was interested. There was no attempt to make this fair, or fun, and was set up from the beginning for the horde to win.

You failed completely and utterly to provide enjoyment to over 30 players, and in the contrary, made sure they couldn’t have fun.

Do better.


Throughout my years of playing this game, I have not encountered an event with such a lack of organization and clear communication. There seemed to be minimal effort made to promote server camaraderie, and certain aspects were incredibly unbalanced and disruptive.

It’s crucial for future events to prioritize fairness and effective coordination for all participants.


–Posting on an Eastvale character this time, this doesn’t even begin to talk about the absolutely clusterf*k of issues behind the scenes concerning the Alliance-coordinating member, of which had to be settled even for our participation.


This was not a roleplay event, it was a world-pvp event specifically designed to give the Horde every advantage.

The event was posted for a month, a month. And the whole time, the discord event timer was off by an hour, and then 40 minutes after the event was supposed to start, we were informed we had to cut seven players.

Seven players that sank a month of time grinding PVP were forced to drop, and thousands of gold’s worth of enchants, gems, and crafting orders.

There was the issue of moderator abuse, a half-felt apology, retconned RP, screenshots fed to stir drama… it is just utterly unacceptable. Any future RP with this group and the persons involved on Horde side should be looked at with such caution and hesitation given what had happened for the 2023 Dance of the Dead.


I was debating replying to what Eastvale has posted I’m going to throw in my two cents. First of all this is a Horde event. What did you think was going to happen? Yes. Alliance and Neutral people can take part in it but it’s primary focus is on that of the Forsaken.

Second of all: I think it’s ironic that you want to say that the Horde was showing poor sportsmanship when you’re airing out your greivences on a public forum. I should applaud you for not doing it in the discord but this puts your guild in a bad light. You could have sent Bans a dm on discord with your complaints or a message in game.

Third of all this is an event that’a recognized by Blizzard and has been for many years. Why don’t you try putting your own event next year?

Seriously Bans and her team worked hard on the event and there were some hangups. I’ve had my own fair share of them when I’ve been event staff at a few major server events. Things happen.

I think the main issue is the fact that ya’ll couldn’t accept not being the main chararacters and decided to hijack the event and try to gaslight Bans cause things didn’t go your way. Shame on you.


(post deleted by author)


Great event so far! Unfortunate the alliance wasn’t able to drum up 60 players to make things fair between us but nonetheless I was happy for the pvp!

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I mean they can get their posts flagged and potentially banned for a week at most.

I have literal video of Horde not following rules. The event was horribly managed. Will post later.


Hello, we welcome feedback and at this point, have literally not heard of any feedback or thoughts regarding the event that finished less than an hour ago.

This feedback is welcome, but it would be useful to actually have it sent to us. It’s a shame to only hear it for the first time here, versus having any of these concerns never brought to us at all.

None of you have made any attempt to give us actual feedback, this is the first we are hearing of these concerns.

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Both will be happening, public accountability is important.


I like how you do this on your argent dawn character and not your Moon Guard character. Second of all, I honestly don’t care what the video showed. All I see is a bunch of toddlers flinging insults and crying because they didn’t win.

Anything you do or say isn’t going to change my opinion of you or Eastvale. At this point I’m putting them on a DNI.

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If it was a horde-based event, then the Alliance should not have been invited to participate.

This event could not have even happened to the size and extent as it did unless you had alliance show up. If you want a RP-PVP event, you either need to make it clear that one side are playing red-shirts and throw-aways to provide the opposing party an experience.

Or balance and communicate it properly between all parties involved so that everyone could have fun.

Literally none of us had fun. By all extents and purpose, you failed this event for 30+ people.

I sure am airing out my grievances on a public forum. It was advertised on a public forum, I participated with no personal connections to any of the organizers, exist as a member of my guild who decided to attend only.

If I just didn’t have fun, I’d never bother - But it was so poorly handled, mistreated, and treated Alliance players so disrespectfully it needs to be made clear for all to say. There are dozens of people who feel the same way I do. This is not something to be discussed.

Consequences are an unfortunate reality, instead of saying we’re not allowed do openly provide feedback and that it’s punishable, you should try apologizing for how all of us feel.

We feel this way. You do not get to simply brush those feelings aside, and I simply will not allow it, so here I am.

You did work hard, I’m sure a lot of sweat and tears were done in this, I acknowledge this, I may even appreciate the attempt, but you need to understand when you’re trying to do something in good faith of the server and have an outcome like this, you need to address it properly as mature and sympathetic individuals, this behavior, @Rainaa.

I am further unimpressed with the community.