Daily reminder that defending in Wintergrasp is obscenely overpowered and needs to be nerfed

The worst experience is seeing all the bases capped on, the enemy having all the vehicles, and the clock saying 29:32…and knowing there is no way to speed it up. In addition to weakening the defense, I suggest a ‘hurry up’ addition, where if one team is dominating all nodes and vehicles, that 29:32 gets cut down rapidly.

I get decent honor in WG, win or lose, bc of how many enemies are regularly dying around me, its the length-of-team I have to sit and get poo’d on, that bothers me.

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For the first time in the 15 years I’ve played wow, I started afking out of a BG.

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bumping while waiting for my WG cat buff to go away!

blizzard doesn’t care, all their resources are on some WOW IP phone games.

We’re still waiting on that 2+ year overdue response from a blue :woozy_face:

I’m hoping they touch on it at some point during a Blizzcon “panel”, we’ll see.

I think Wintergrasp is the biggest elephant in the room for the average/casual bg’er queuing for their daily win, no other bg map is nearly as one-sided or broken.

agreed, but ashran really gives it a run for its money as far as being awful

Ashran tilts towards Horde, but at least Alliance still gets wins here and there. It’s not like it’s “impossible” to win Ashran. If I had to guess, it’s probably 65% Horde / 35% Alliance as far as winrates.

Nothing quite compares to the 95% loss rate for offense in Wintergrasp, that’s obviously broken and points to an imbalanced map.

In one of their last blue posts regarding the map, Blizzard claimed the WG winrates were “within 5% of each other”… but we all know that’s probably BS and can’t be right.

There’s just way too many player accounts (from both factions), of offense being a loss like 95% of the time. I believe my fellow players over their questionable claim that winrates are mostly even between offense/defense. There’s just no way winrates are “within 5% of each other”, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Alliance is on offense 90% of the time. That’s another issue in itself. Wouldn’t be completely terrible if it was 50/50 defense/offense like it should be.

Definitely untrue. You played against afk players or those who had no clue what they were doing. I’ve sat on a wall unattacked in a siege engine for the entire game and only broken 1.5 layers(I say layers because you can hit 2 walls or a wall and tower at the same time). If they leave someone untouched for 20 minutes, it should be gg and it USED to be that way. I’ve solo’d walls in old WG in a matter of 2 minutes.

Another untruth as it is anecdotal evidence. I’ve also been on offense 90% of the time as horde. Has nothing to do with faction.

It’s not the map in the least but rather that they either buffed walls or nerfed siege damage or both. You can literally pound on the wall with 2 demo/siege and still not get through in time if they ignore you.

It’s not really 2 years overdue because it was a lot easier to win offense in BFA. The huge offense problem really started in 9.0 because that patch bugged Demolishers and Siege Engine Turrets to effectively make them deal no siege damage at range.

Epic BG updates coming!

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i agree, one of the most broken bg’s in the entire game, an absolute waste of time if you are attacking.

I have gotten to defend ONCE, since shadowlands has came out, I literally don’t even que epic bg’s anymore.

Big disagree.

lol um okay? but im right and you and everyone else knows it, its a clear problem.

I haven’t lost an offense since it was updated in 9.0.5.

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