Daily reminder that defending in Wintergrasp is obscenely overpowered and needs to be nerfed

I am going to bump this thread every day until defending in Wintergrasp is nerfed.

Defending in this battleground is obscenely overpowered and is far to easy to win. When you enter a battleground getting the defence role you have an 80% chance to win the battleground due to how broken overpowered the role is. Why is this overpowered? Lets dive in

You have broken overpowered turret guns that melt vehicles and players.

You can SPAWN VEHICLES IN YOUR OWN BASE. That alone makes defending absolutely un-redeemable and absolutely requires heavy nerfs. The ability for your team to send 3 people to a node south of your base and capture it and then spawn an additional vehicles IN YOUR OWN BASE to defend is broken overpowered and absolutely needs to be nerfed. Why are defenders allowed to do absolutely nothing skill-wise except spawn a vehicle in their base and launch their projectiles over the walls?

It’s far too easy to defend in wintergrasp and ridiculously hard to attack in wintergrasp. In order to attack you need your entire team to coordinate an attack. You need to get vehicles first. You need to push an advantage When the defenders get vehicles first, it’s almost always GG. You cannot win at that point. They will run you down, push you out of nodes and then fall back to secure their base.

You can get all of your vehicles and it will be meaningless.

The entire battleground has no PvP in it except for the very beginning where the first team fight decides the game.


  • You can send 3-4 people to take an undefended base and that in turn allows defender to summon vehicles in their own base, which an absolutely obscene advantage.
    -There is Z E R O counterplay to a team who heavily defends. Send your vehicles to seige? They get destroyed by turrets and long range “over the wall” projectiles. Send your team to attack as well and defend the vehicles? The enemy team takes the southern flags and allows the enemy team to make vehicles in their own base with no counterplay.
    -There are portals that port players in and out of their base at their leisure ensuring that there is minimal kill pressure.

EDIT: 05/12/2020 More reasons why defending is broken OP
-Defending team automatically wins the match if the timer runs out without the attackers winning.
-They are a much, much shorter distance to the beginning bases such as Sunken Ring, allowing them to setup first and control choke points.
-All they have to do is wait in a heavily fortified position and forces the attackers to push in, leading to a wipe 90% of the time, leading to the defenders getting vehicles, leading to a loss.
-Remove the timer.

EDIT: Even more reason why defending is too easy
-Literally 3 people can walk to a southern node, capture it by standing still and allow people the entire way across the map to build vehicles in their own base.
-You should only be able to spawn vehicles at the base your faction owns.
-What happens in every wintergrasp attacking game is these 3-4 defenders continually rotate in a circle around the map and take bases. Your team leaves this base, a minute later, is re taken. Then they move in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction and re cap every base you take allowing the base to spawn overwhelming amounts of vehicles.

Edit: 12/27/2020 Even more reasons why attacking is a trash role:
-30 percent of your team leaves the game if you get the attacking role. This almost always happens after the attacking team gets wiped at sunken ring. Right after they get vehicles. This leads to a situation where the rest of the match (for people who didn’t afk out) is just a revolving door of new backfilled players joining and also afk’ing out.
-There is no incentive to play the bg after the defenders get vehicles first because its a loss at that point. Most people realize this and give up. 30 percent leave outright. The rest have their spirits broken.
-Defenders should not be able to build 16 vehicles off of 1 fight. At the very very least vehicles should be nerfed against players for at least SOME kind of counterplay. Or increase the amount of kills needed for defenders to get vehicles by double, or even triple so that the attackers get vehicles first. That is how the bg should operate.

EDIT: 12/30/2020 Even more reasons why attacking is a trash role to get
-The keep that the defenders are inside of are equipped with turret guns which are not attackable from the ground. This allows them to get free, unanswered pressure on our attacking vehicles.
-Shoot at them with catapaults? Your catapault gets focused down and destroyed. -These keep turrets, especially the high ones, can actually REACH sunken ring FROM THEIR KEEP. This allows the defending team to shoot extremely high damaging abilities at the attacking team and easily wiping them, leading to the defending team getting vehicles, leading to a defeat for the attackers.

Edit: 02/09/2021 the current state of wintergrasp
-quite literally just witnessed (before I myself did the same) 15 people leave wintergrasp right as we saw we were attacking.
-when I get defending as a role the game almost always ends with the attacking team having 0/0 vehicles, and our entire team looking for a single attacker to kill
-that is the state of this bg now, blizzard. What is it going to take to address this?
-just delete this atrocity of a bg. Nobody enjoys it.


I’ll bump this, I hate it too. Most of the players don’t really seem to undersatnd how it works, and the game does a terrible job of communicating the BASIC rules of how WG goes, so everyone just afk’s out and takes the deserter.

Nobody wants this map. Put back in the option to just skip some bg’s.


I literally just won a WG offense in less than 10 minutes.
Gotta have the right strat.
(Hint: Going SR at the start is not always the right strat.)


I see Horde win all the time on Offense. Wipe ally at SR build and plow down walls to victory. All under 10 minutes.

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Have any of you played ESO?

Have you played in Cyrodiil?

Cyrodiil is essentially WG done right, but on a massive scale.

Would you guys like to see WG changed to be more like Cyrodiil? I would.


bump - day 1000 and attacking still trash role


Bump 10 characters

It ends up being like a tower defense where all your tanks have to run through the gauntlet. Walls didnt used to be as strong as they are, or vehicles used to do more damage to them.


this is like tol barad. easy to defend impossible to attack

Almost forgot to bump this today

Adding RPGG’s to forward bases might be a small change that could matter. They can be used on turrets and snipe vehicles. Starting with catapults on attack maybe?

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the lead PVP designer does not care what you think he only cares about the $$$$


I think the solution is for Bliz to add a BG update patch. A lot of things need reworks and Wintergrasp is one of them. Defending definitely has the advantage basically because it’s a huge turtle on a short timer. Offense should be able to blow up vehicle workshops in the fortress, or extend the timer for the BG. Or nerf the interior walls HP a bit.

But yeah it’s not just WG. AV needs like a total revamp, as well as Ashran. Ashran is one of the most boring BGs i’ve ever played. I think mechanics should aim to fix “turtle” situations because they aren’t fun and they delay the BG by a large amount of time.


I agree with all of this. My gut reaction is to be somewhat kind to Blizzard, since this is working as originally intended. Someone else above me mentioned that Tol Barad is also slanted towards the defenders, and that’s absolutely true, and there’s a very good reason for it: both battlegrounds were originally zone conflicts that were tied to raids. If you controlled the zone, you got to access the raid. With each successive victory, the attackers would receive a stacking buff to their damage until it was all but assured that they’d win.

I think Blizzard needs to reintroduce the buff at some level that makes it possible for the attackers to succeed at a higher rate than they currently do.

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while I agree wintergrasp is the most broken I have seen in years(through many expansions) I would like to point out that this happens every expansion(maybe not to this degree though) because of how vehicles scale versus player power level over the duration of an expansion.

At the start of every expansion, when player power is low, vehicles are nasty, they have a lot of hp and high damage output, but as players gear up and their power exponentially grows with artifacts/azerite traits/legendaries/conduits/etc/etc vehicles turn into wet noodles that a single player can destroy in a single GCD while shrugging off all their damage.

What I think needs to happen is vehicles need to scale with individual player gear/item level OR just be scaled from patch to patch during every expansion, starting out weaker and growing as the average item level of players grows over the months/years of each expansion.

But that will probably not happen, so just play around it for now. vehicles overpowered? then always be sure to max your vehicles and use them properly. I see a lot of clueless teams/people still building mostly demos and sieges in WG where as the catapult is the current MVP. it mows down groups of players and can wipe out multiple demo/siege stacked on a wall tower in seconds. wanna win wintergrasp on offense? spam your team to immediately build catapults once they are rank 1 so you can take sunken ring and broken temple. every sunken ring fight ends when the first catapult is brought in.


They did, they put all all the BG’s no one wants to play in a separate playlist called Epic BG’s


This thread lol

Hate to say it, but you’re probably gonna be bumping this thread for a long time OP

So far an overwhelming flood- no, an ocean of feedback on the obvious problems with this bg. But no action from devs, total /crickets, so at this point it’s either afk out or :man_shrugging: …those are the choices.

Lol, honestly the title was enough for anyone who’s played wintergrasp. At least we know from the start of the match if it’s a win or lose. Gotta look at the bright side.

daily bump, defense is almost a free win

Yeah WG is pretty bad and downright just unfun to play in its current state.