Daily reminder that defending in Wintergrasp is obscenely overpowered and needs to be nerfed

It’s beeb pretty obvious since legion that Blizzard doesn’t give a rat’s fart about non-rated pvp

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This thread has been going on for 3 months with no response from a product manager or dev. Does this imply that Blizz doesn’t care about it’s customers and just wants our money?

not just that its terrible decisions that blizz keeps implementing and not play testing there product. i quit because wintergrasp offense ive had to switch 4 servers in last 15 yrs pvp imbalance the overwhelming feeling of logging into a game that’s just not fun anymore it’s like a second job video games are not meant to be a second job it’s entertainment.

According to his armory, ion has 0 arena rating (shows “No rated play data”), 0 RBG rating (shows “No rated play data”), and honor level 6.

For a person that’s been playing the game since day 1, it appears he doesn’t PvP at all. This is the man in charge of the game.

I think giving offense max rank would help tremendously.
This way, west workshop would be an option right out of the gates since ally would have to split between east AND west, now just on east as a deathball.

Bumping as I’m tired of seeing this BG be an almost guaranteed 30-40 minute slog of a loss if on offense.

Honestly I think they need to just remove the baseline vehicles that you get from the fortress as defenders, or give options for attackers to disable those workshops as there was in the past. They used to be fully destructible.

There’s no reason defenders should get 1/3rd of the vehicles for free - 8 can easily defend against 16 when considering the bottleneck, turrets and easily accessible RP-GG’s.

Maybe not max, but at least first tier and/or make defender NPCs count as 1 player instead of 1/2.

Also decrease the total number of siege the two base workshops provide.

Being in games where the attackers are completely shut out at 0/0 vehicles and just sitting there for the 10min till the BG is over is a waste of everyone’s time.

There is an obvious massive problem with this BG for offense. I’ve come up with some idea on how to improve on it.

  1. Make the South workshops unable to be captured by the defense. That creates a floor, where you’ll won’t be shut out.

  2. Remove RPGGs from defense, they don’t need any more easy ways of removing vehicles

  3. Raise the health of the towers of the offense East Central and West, by at least 100%, this way it consumes a lot of time of the defense to take down a tower, they have to decide weather or not to kill the towers and abandon base to speed up the game

  4. Reduce the amount health the walls have on the fortress between 30-40%. Takes entirely too long for offense even if they gain momentum from winning the first fight, vehicles get destroyed and quickly followed the players. Then the defending team is almost certain able to build.

These are some ideas I’ve got spit balled. I believe the first option is a MUST, you cannot have all these games ending in shut outs.

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Doing God’s work here. Like I mentioned in another thread, imagine if one side of the map in League of Legends had an 85%+ winrate. No one would ever play.

How has it been this long with 0 effort at tuning? At least pretend to care about 1/3 of the epic bgs.

The last comment from a blue regarding Wintergrasp was April 2019 …not one word, total silence, total /crickets ever since :smiley:

And yeah, seconded on that, Zombie threads are BiS. He doesn’t mince words and just tells it like it is.

Reminder, it’s quicker to AFK out and eat the 15 minute debuff than waste time as the attacking side.

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Honestly I just did this. It’s so frustrating bc I’d rather play but there’s no point if it’s going to be a loss anyways.

Either fix the damn bg or give us the option to blacklist bgs.

Edit: I stopped playing after afking a match and then requeued and got attacking WG again. RIP me.


True, defending is far easy to win, this BG is totally broken

Still no Blizz dev or product manager response? Are they STILL counting profits?

No update still? Imagine if a particular dungeon was randomly 4x harder half the time. Would’ve been hotfixed instantly.

My favorite, got attacking. Lost, not even close when we had 12 vehicles most of the time. Got the outter wall to 10% before the defence sent 5 people to start capping bases.

Re-queued. Got attacking agian. Left so the next schmuck can get struck with a deserter debuff or a loss.

Imagine having a BG where from the start one side would rather sit a 15 minute deserter debuff. Literally, smacking a target dummy was more fun - no meme.

Why is Wintergrasp even a BG? Just leave it out in the open world where it belongs and remove it from the BG list. Done.

I just AFK out if I’m on offense. It’s not worth 30 minutes of my time for a 90% chance of losing.

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Only 74 ‘likes’?? Kind of surprised this thread isn’t already over 100 :laughing:

Blizz, companies lose customers when their complaints are not heard. Not even an acknowledgment that you hear our frustration? This thread been going on for 3 months. Stop counting your profits and respond.

I agree, it’s rough. Take my bump