Customer service always condescending and generic

Why is it every time I deal with customer service I get an obviously canned response that only vaguely touches on the issue and is written as if it is designed to respond to a child? Is it too much to ask that there is a competent adult with basic reading comprehension and social skills to respond to reasonable customer problems? Nothing is more infuriating than getting a BS response, treated like a child, and then told your issue is resolved after nothing has been done. I don’t want to talk to customer service, it brings me no pleasure, and I only do it when I have to because they are the only ones capable of bringing resolution to the issue. These frustrating and insulting interactions only make me want to not pay for your service anymore.

I get the probably large quantity of requests and probably people that try abuse the system. I can empathize with the problems customer service can face with the multitude and variety of issues they face from customers. All I ask is genuinely try to solve the issue within reason. If you can’t solve the problem for a specific reason then tell me don’t just vaguely apologize because that makes me think your response is “I won’t help you, even though I can, now go away.”


The canned responses are templates to ensure the information provide to all customers is uniform. They are also quicker than typing out a custom, personal response.

Always interesting that players want quicker ticket times, yet they also seem to want personal responses.

I’m guessing the ticket is marked as resolved?

I’m also guessing that you didn’t get the response you wanted, but you got a response nonetheless?

Hard to actually answer regarding the vagueness of replies - if the issue is in regards to account action, for example, you will only get a vague reply by design. This is to stop rule lawyering, trying to find loopholes etc.


What was the actual issue you had that you were looking for help with?

When people add stuff like “I won’t help you, even though I can, no go away.”, it almost always indicates that the person doesn’t actually understand the limits of what a GM can and cannot do. That they are governed by policies and procedures.

I also highly doubt that the templated response was in any way treating you like a child.

There should be a survey attached to the ticket that was marked resolved that you can use to provide direct feedback too.


This time? My server had a total of 4 people on Alliance (Kirtonos-classic tbc). Not enough to even do a 5 man. Almost everyone has transferred. I’m an altoholic. I’ve already paid to transfer some of my characters. I really don’t understand why the customer has to continue to pay hundreds of dollars to fix a problem Blizzard has created and done nothing to fix. How hard is it to allow people to transfer off of dead servers without making them pay to fix a problem Blizzard created? I just want to play the game with other people.

Here is the response. < inappropriate text removed >

I can see that this can be confusing, I am here to help as best I can with this!

I understand that your game play has not been the most enjoyable while remaining on the Classic era servers.

This was always going to be a tricky one to balance as i’m sure you have seen many of the folks you were playing with moved on to the TBC realms.

Realm imbalance is always something we are looking at and hopefully we will be able to make things smoother for you in the future.

So, while we will do everything we can, no matter what it is, to forward your feedback, it will be better if you send this directly through the appropriate channel. While the developers usually don’t reply, I can guarantee you that they always read and take into account all feedback received.

Also, no feedback option that I can see.

Usualy they mean either via classic forums or twitter.

Feedback would be through a suggestion in-game - or forums, but not this forum. Something like this would go best in General.

Realm balance has zero to do with CS, there is absolutely nothing that can be done from their position to help.


how did Blizzard cause this problem ?
Realm imbalance is caused by players choosing the faction they want to play.


So you think Blizz should make a bad situation worse by letting the lower pop faction transfer off the server for free? There’s no logic in that at all.

Also, Blizz isn’t forcing players to transfer. That’s a player choice. Everyone is able to make a new character on the server of their choice for free.


I don’t know how to respond in a nice manner. But I don’t care about faction balance at this point. I want my characters on a realm that I can play with other people. How hard is that to understand? The server is dead. I’m over it. Having 60s/70s on a dead server does me no good in an MMO.

Then you can transfer if you wish, Pillowe - or roll fresh characters absolutely free - wherever you like.


It’s not at all hard. It’s also understandable that Blizz isn’t going to let you transfer off for free.


But GMs cant give you a free transfer they would have to do that to 1000 of other players there not gona make 1 exception for one player thats why they offered realm transfers for a price.

Blizzard allows people to transfer off to other realms (for a fee of course) exacerbating the issue of realm balance. If the services was free, I’d have no issue. I’d just go to the server I want to play on. It is clear Blizzard doesn’t care about faction imbalance, and I’m okay with that. What I’m no okay with is playing a single player game that is meant to be a massively multiplayer game and having that mulitplayer content locked behind a paywall when I already pay a subscription.

still not them that caused the realm imbalance, before transfers people just abandoned their characters and rerolled (which you can still do free). Faction balance is 100% a player created issue.

At times (and maybe in the future) Blizzard has given free transfers from a high pop realm to select low pop realms, hopefully soon they may do that for your realm to give the population a boost. Never will they give free transfers from low population realms as that just makes the situation worse.


The only one here being a bully is you just because you dont like the answer you have been nothing but hostile towards us and orlyia. You only have 2 options either way either reroll or pay more transfers.



Nowhere is anyone in this thread bullying you. YOU however, are trying to bully Blizz into giving you a free transfer.

If you feel that Blizz should should allow free transfers off your server, your best option is to suggest it in the TBC General forums.

Otherwise, I fail to see how letting you know what two options you actually have is considered bullying.


Here is a free economic lesson for you. $15/month from a happy customer or $0/month from an unhappy customer. Which one makes Blizzard more money?

Just to give you another lesson; places are willing to let customers go if they’ve prove to be more work then needed to keep them.


Frankly, I don’t think you’d recognize a bully if you saw one. Let’s break down the comment.

Then you can transfer if you wish
This is “Go ahead and give us more money for something completely out of your control even though you can’t play most aspects of the game we’ve created as is.”

or roll fresh characters absolutely free - wherever you like.
This is “I get that you’ve probably spent many countless hours on those characters you’ve made but I don’t care and you should start over because we are too greedy and apathetic.”