Customer service always condescending and generic

Yeah from high population realm to low population realms.

It’s not blizzards problem if no one want’s to transfer.

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Here’s a lesson for you. Being a customer doesn’t entitle you to get whatever you demand. Never has, never will.

Also, since game time can be obtained with in-game gold - that whole argument doesn’t have the edge it once might have had.


You’re not going to get something for free because you nag the place. They’re within their right to not give it as they see fit. They under no obligation to do what you want because you felt you sure.


Considering I am paying real money not in game gold for game time, it does have weight. What part about asking to have players to play with is asking too much for an MMO? It literally costs the amount of time a GM takes to click a couple buttons. Why are you defending leaving players stranded on servers with limited other players to play with?

I’m afraid the $0 would cost Blizzard far less. This would have significant impacts beyond your account.


to make the population issue on your current realm worse.
to get something that they won’t give to others or ever offer (free transfers from low pop servers).
Am I missing anything ?


We get that your realm is dead and really sucks, and we’re very sorry it’s not a good experience.

Instead of fighting with Blizzard about something they won’t be giving you, you may want to look into alternatives – from grinding some gold to buy a transfer, to even looking at another game.

Ultimately a game like WoW is supposed to be fun, but it obviously isn’t for you right now.


I’m afraid you are mistaken as to the purpose of this forum.

My job - foremost, is moderation and giving directions.

I edited your post because I realize you are upset. I could have just as easily suspended you for violating the forum code of conduct.

No, we cannot give you a free transfer unless it is decided by our developers - and that is on a realm basis - and pretty rare.

No, a GM cannot help you with this.

No, no one has bullied you, but you’ve thrown significant shade at your fellow players that are giving you very good advice.

Please don’t make it necessary for me to lock this thread.


You might want to dial it back a bit. Orylia was just letting you know that there are policies in place that prevent GMs from simply handing out free transfers. As stated, you are welcome to roll a new character on any realm you wish.

Good news though! All players are treated equally by Blizzard CS, regardless of how much money they have spent or how long they have been playing.


Literally won’t make the situation worse since those characters don’t get played since there is no one to play with. It would take drastic measures to get populations back to a healthy level, which Blizzard isn’t inclined to do, nor am I asking them to do. I realize they aren’t forcing players to transfer, but I also don’t want to have to pay to move a character that actually has people playing on it. I already pay them monthly to play why do I need to pay them to fix a problem they did nothing to prevent? It costs them nothing to fix my issue and it costs me money to fix theirs. If you don’t understand that you either are trolling me or have no ability to have empathy.

I understand you’re an altoholic, perhaps you can submit a suggestion for a discount for bulk moves.

While I doubt anything will happen in the short term, if there’s enough interest in this sort of thing perhaps something will happen later.

I’m not convinced Blizzard could have prevented imbalances, short of preventing people from playing with their friends.

Side-effect of the faction system unfortunately. Mildly tangential, but I remember when the retail cross-realm phasing bit came online, we had piles of people in here upset that they no longer overwhelmed the other faction, or that they needed to compete for nodes and quest mobs.


Just a few notes about free transfers - when they are offered.

  1. Our devs decide that - you are certainly welcome to make that suggestion.
  2. When it IS decided one is done - those are announced.
  3. When they ARE done - you usually don’t have much of an option about where you go, they are often Server X to Server Y.
  4. If one is offered, I’d strongly recommend testing the destination realm to make sure you are happy with latency - as well as the community.
  5. Actually, Perl made a very good comment below - as transfers are usually for overpop realms - connections are usually what is done for underpop ones.

On retail realms. Classic/TBC access is a perk for having active game time.

So a Blizzard employee/employees time is nothing to you?

Thinking it costs nothing is incorrect.


Then reroll, still free.


I don’t often feel too empathetic when a player made problem results in something like this. Now, for some reason you feel it’s on Blizzard to pay for your transfer and as such, they’d have to do the same for everyone else who asks.

Now imagine all the people who paid to move and they find out that Blizz is doing it for free…where’s their free transfer? Shouldn’t they get their money back?

I get that you don’t think that this will cost Blizz anything, but you’re not seeing the bigger picture. You’re only seeing your own situation.

Hopefully you’ll get some traction in the TBC General forums instead. Maybe instead of focusing on you getting a free transfer, you could suggest that your realm be connected with a higher population realm. That might be an even better long-term solution!


Do tell, what is the purpose of this forum? I, a customer, need support if fixing an issue where I don’t have access to portions of the game I pay for.

I am angry. I’ve made it pretty clear that your options of waste my time or money aren’t acceptable solutions.

I don’t even know why you edited my text since there was no foul language used, but also don’t really even care. Suspend me if you think it is so necessary, look at how many times I’ve posted. You all won’t be missed and you’ve clearly fostered an environment that only parrots what you want. You obviously don’t care.

Player help player. Not to be confused for customer service.

Nor is attacking Blizzard employees, or having a tantrum when you’re told no.


Maybe try reading this will hep you under stand what this forum is for.


you have access to all portions of the game that you are paying for ( retail, classic and TBC), the fact that you can’t find enough other people to play with does not change that fact. You have access if you can find enough likeminded people.

Very sorry to hear that but those are the only options.


You mean beside the F bomb you tried to disguise with an *?

That’s still an F bomb - here, and if reported, also ingame.