Current PvP Season Update



As we’re now three weeks from beginning the Tides of Vengeance content update, we wanted to make it known that the current PvP Season will not be ending at that time.

We expect to end the current season in January 2019, and we will provide an exact date for that in a few weeks.

Thank you!

Did blizz confirm the season is ending in January?
When does season 1 end?

(Yatogami) #3

thanks a lot for clearing that up it means a lot to us when many different dates and terms are being used especially when “season 2” is used when talking about pve now.

(Efx) #4

Yussss, finally a response. Thanks for the heads up.

(Nüba) #5

Thanks for the response, sad to see we’ll be stuck with Season 1 during holidays, but I guess its good since my sub ends the day Artifact comes out anyway.

Yay I guess?

(Saltmasterx) #6

Really wish they would do more tuning for this season. Still alot of specs not doing well.


So you’re gunna let untested changes go through a month before the season ends? Comon now.


me smorc me angry at this post

(Swapjkgrip) #9

the only reason I thought that there weren’t any big changes for the pass month is because blizzard is concerned with end of ssn change will screw up some people pushing for titles. Guess PVP just not the priority. Still appreciate the info tho.

(Deception) #10

I’m thrilled you’re keeping us informed on when the season will be ending, instead of hearing “soon”. I just really wish you guys would realize how much of a struggle you’re causing for first time rank 1 pushers such as myself.

I do que an insanely broken comp, but that aside it took me literally the entire season to find good partners to push rank 1 with, the meta will be changing and so will my spec entirely. I think making big changes at the end-ish part of a season is extremely inconsiderate.

I’m still going to do my best and find new parters to play with but it’s just even more of a headache. :sob:

(Talbyy) #11

I guess this means we’ll be playing current season with 8.1 changes.

(Sugarbeet) #12

While I appreciate the openness and communication for the end of the season, I disagree with the decision to not leave the season synced up with the major update patch in this case. Many large and untested changes are going to be live - as well as the first major bump in azerite gear ilvl (and massive trait overhaul) which opens the door to last minute rating gains with new traits/abilities/changes/gear scaling that may not accurately reflect the gameplay and ability of the individuals using these new mechanics. There is ALOT of potential for abuse and it’s far less impactful on titles when poorly tuned abilities are discovered at the start of a season.

(Deception) #13

PLEASE listen to the arena community when we say this is an awful idea to de-sync season with big patch class changes.

(Mud) #14

Not a good idea bro…


3500 cr rank 1 lol.

(Swapjkgrip) #16

Prob gonna be a fun time for abusers when the patch drop, but atleast i can say " 3.4K EXP GLAD DISC, LF RMP" in LFG in the near future.

(Ørígínâl) #17

Yea this is a very bad idea


January? nani the frick.

(Moonwizardx) #19


(Yarrow) #20

How about putting the content in as scheduled but not putting the class changes in until January?