{CS Lounge} The Light and How to Swing It

'Cause I’m a Paladin and that’s how we do things around here.


Made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. Added a slice of avocado and tomato. Served it with some Fire roasted tomato soup.

I tend to get overwhelmed with stuff in my life, so I have been telling myself, do things in small steps and take your time. “One step at a time”.


Sooo, I’m mainly Horde in WOW Classic. 8 on Mankrik, 1 on Grobbulus, 1 on Sul’Thraze. But I have 5 Alliance. Four of which are paladins.

(In case it isn’t obvious from the name, Eilethalua here. Though RP-wise, it’s actually a nickname for Alethea.)


Was not a fan of the spaghetti ground turkey.

Sons appointment was canceled due to weather already. Itnis now possibly 5 to 7 inches of snow tomorrow. Almost positive school is canceled. But need to wake up and look tomorrow of course.

Canceled for a little snow? :snowman_with_snow:

I remember a couple of years back, we got 16 inches overnight. It was a good snow storm. Buses were cancelled for safety, but schools remained open. I walked the kids to school that day and I had to lead as they followed so that I could make a path in the snow :slight_smile:

Edit to add photos:



I was going to post a time-traveling joke but you guys didn’t like it.


They typically close if they feel the windchill is too low or if the busses cannot safely navigate city streets.

We do not have winters like you do up there haha.

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Hmm, never tried avocado in my grilled cheese before.

I usually do thick slices of avocado on sandwiches, does that work in grilled cheese as well? Or did you make them a bit thinner?

that’s something i haven’t had in ages now.

i find myself debating whether i should keep my second account up. it would benefit me for having Horde characters on Westfall, as you’re only allowed 10 per server. i’ve got about 8 Alliance as is. .-.

then i remembered how i can only transfer characters between servers, and not accounts. x_x so that would be a bit of a problem, as my Tauren Shammy is sitting comfortably in Orgrimmar atm.

if i remember correctly, we had White Juan back in '04, and it was 3ft of snow overnight. city council had to get permission from Ottawa to dump the excess snow in the harbor, as there was no room to put it. plow trucks couldn’t even get onto the road to plow, due to all the snow.

it was awesome. xP

I thought it was funny.


Alvraen is weird…but that’s over par for this course.
She’s clearly pulling a Scuba.


I remember that storm too! The day before there was almost no snow. The next morning my wife was leaving for work and she called me to ask for help clearing the car off (we were in an apartment back then). When I looked out, you couldn’t see any cars as they were covered completely by snow! The whole city shut down practically. Took almost the whole day before anyone could actually leave our lot…though there were many who tried and we thank them for the entertainment of watching them!


LOL that is extreme bud. News here is calling it Snowmageddon

You call it a Wednesday

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I swing the sun and moon.

yeah, i remember looking out my window and not seeing any cars on the road…let alone any roads at all. and the snow drifts were up past the 2nd floor balconies of the apt building.

my mother (God bless her soul) loved it, and even wished for it…so now i’m wishing for snow in her place. :3

/runs into the pillow fort and begins praying for moar snow, before calling it a night


Just got the call from the district. No school tomorrow. There is hope my wife gets a paid day off baby

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Oh I do thick slices. Tastes great on grilled cheese, with some tomato… mmm mmm.


I’ll have to add some avocado the next time we have grilled cheese.

Hope it still tastes good dipped in tomato soup!

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Oh yes it does. :yum:

And wife has a paid day off tomorrow. Go team.