[CS Lounge] Pining for the Fjords

They didn’t.


Me right now…

Made me chuckle…



…Happy Monday


LOL, sitting in the waiting room last week and a father and two sons came in. The older son had a device and was playing or watching something, and the younger had forgotten his device, so typical two sibling stuff. At one point the older said, quite frustrated, “he’s breathing on me!” To which the father was “uh … he kind of needs to keep breathing”.

:shifty-eyes: The new realms are up, but it’s not letting me reserve more than the original three names. Haha, too soon. (I added my game time late yesterday - not two weeks ago. Only missed one name I wanted, but since it’s based on a book and on the only RP-PvE realm, not surprised. I have her on my main account and was going to recreate her.


NVM. The time listed zone-shifts automatically. 2 pm Atlantic, so 10 am Pacific.

Thanks for the reminder though. I’ve reserved Rufflebottom on all the realms now.

Yep! if you see that globe icon next to a time, it means that it will be automatically converting into your local (machine based I believe) time zone. Something the new forums allow.


Yeah. It got fixed within 10 minutes - but there were a number of posts of people getting the same thing (can’t create more characters) for the first 15 minutes or so.

Been a very bad day today. Cook walked out so got called in. That’s fine.

But then grandma told me her work told her they don’t have workers comp insurance? To quote Legion… Somethings not quite right.

I am fairly certain they are trying to game the system and limit their liability and exposure. Also fairly certain we are going to find a lawyer for her.

I am so beyond pissed I can’t even describe. I know I will be calling state authorities to file a complaint on the facility though. If only to piss them off. Because when state digs, they find. It is why I stay late Sundays. To not give them a reason to dig in my kitchen.


/tar Kalv

Happy Friday!
btw. What tea are you drinking in that rendition?

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I just found out that Hulu recently added the tv series Designing Women. I used to love it and The Golden Girls. Stuff to watch while I wait.

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Put your helmets on.


And now the place is changing their tune. After she said they would not commit insurance fraud they found out from corporate itnis seperate insurance.

Really? I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt here but my spideu sense is on constant search now in regards.

I really hope I am just seeing the worst and it was an honest mistake. We will see.


I’ve been wearing mine for a couple of days now and let me tell you, it’s not easy to swim or do water slides in!! Lol!

Kids are having a sleep-deprived “blast” and mom and dad are running on pure coffee at this point! Okay…maybe not just coffee for me :wink:

Back home tomorrow and then 1 week until school starts.



Well, I managed to get my shammy to level 6 before my ISP kicked me offline for about 10 minutes. Now getting that full “Vanilla Launch” experience with being in queue. :stuck_out_tongue:

So far it’s been a hoot. Took me like 2.5 hours to get out of the starter zone and into Mulgore. Good Job Blizzard!


Played for a hour after spending almost a hour in que got stuff to do.

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I am done with what I had to get done tonight, so decided to switch over. My guild chose Herod and does not want to change. OK, fine. It is like quarter after 10 here tonight.

I am currently 17681 in queue with an estimated 230 minutes wait time haha

I am not waiting that, but will let it tick for a few while I surf forums haha


Department Of Labor & National Labor Relations Board will supply a lawyer (Or in my friends case they did when he got hurt on the job) and at no cost to him either.


My realm said it was “Medium” in population but when I tried to get on the realm it said it was full and that I was in que 7000+ with a wait time of 133 minutes…LOL!


I was unsure about the purchase of the Switch version of D3 last year.
As I sit here on my lunch break working on my seasonal toon and seeing the threads about d/c’s. I can say that I am mostly happy with the purchase.

Still a shame that you can’t transfer your cosmetics from your PC account.