[CS Lounge] Oh, Greatfather Winter

(Xanlorash) #1

Making a new thread as last one expired.

Seeing as Greatfather Winter is coming, Lets party!



It’s only been 15 minutes. We have 15 more before the next one can be made. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, reopening since a new thread wasn’t created by Ughash within 30 minutes.

Let’s cover the rules of the CS Lounge again, for those who may not be aware, as well as rules for starting the new thread.

We allow one off topic thread to be maintained in the Customer Support forum where regular and visiting posters may engage in more social discussions not directly related to World of Warcraft or other support issues. A few rules apply as follows:

  • Discussion of forum moderation, or other users/threads, should be avoided.
  • The thread will be set to automatically lock at a random time, though it will be somewhere around the 30 day mark.
    • The person who last posts in the thread when it closes will be able to create the new one.
    • If the new one isn’t made within 30 minutes or so someone else is able to so as to keep the thread going.
    • We’ll try to set the time when the thread locks during normal hours.
  • The title should always start with [CS Lounge]. Any additional header needs to abide by policy.

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[CS Lounge] new year new moon

(Thundertotem) #5

Driving into Austin tomorrow to have a band instrument fixed. There’s a great place in Round Rock that does it.


I slept way too much today, guess some of these chores just aren’t getting done :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mastadôn) #7

I mean, did they REALLY need to get done? Sleeping is a hard job. Somebody has to do it.


I feel that, Jixx. I need to get my sewing area sorted, and try to work out the industrial machine a friend of mine gave me for Christmas (it was her late mother’s, and she wanted it to go to someone who knew and loved her mum).

Also need to get the meringue done for Pav while its not so humid, finish wrapping presents, and clean. I do not like being an adult at Christmas time… :joy::rofl:


Yeah I need to wrap gifts, do some cleaning, the porch has a couple of loose screws I need to tighten down, and some laundry needs to get washed. And it will all still be there tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not doing cookies until Monday. The boys and I will make them together when we get back from moms.


I’ll be there Monday evening :smiley:

(Ughash) #11

Blasphemy! I didn’t forget about re creating a new one >.> just kidding I got busy haha.

Thanks for covering for me Xanlorash

OH MAN! Now I got a fun title I’ll use next time whenever I’m the last one to post again.

Have a Good Friday all I’m disconnecting from the internet for the day:)

Edit: also thank you Vrak for being thoughtful and waiting for me <3.


I think I have slightly too much fabric…

(Rufflebottom) #13

Blasphemy! There is no such thing.


WSS, it’s like having too much yarn, I refuse to believe it canhappen.

(Rufflebottom) #15

My point exactly!

It’s not that you have too much, it’s that you don’t have enough space for it. You just need a Tardis.


Hiya, New CS Lounge!

…I should really decide if I’m going to level my latest character or play Starbound when I get home. My guildies have been pulling me toward the latter, and it’s been really exciting seeing the differences from when I played beta.

Oh, and I should get some last-minute gifts. >_>


I definitely need a TARDIS! That would make storage so much easier.

Wills made friends with a kitten (rescues) at the local Petbarn. She didn’t want to leave without him.


My dad brought me back fancy chocolates from Europe. Some pretty neat combinations. Nat and I are trying to be very disciplined in eating them, but it’s hard.

(Xanlorash) #19

Just ordered me some food from Skip The Dishes. Getting a hamburger and onion rings from a local pub. Yum!

(Thundertotem) #20

Decide to take a break from Wargaming to catch up on my hobby queues. Got a great deal on an i5 desktop for my dad, Gonna cost me about $150 just for the tower.