[CS Lounge] I think Stormy has started to move

i remember hearing that if the person who closes the previous topic doesn’t make a new one within 15 mins, then the last person who posted prior to said person closing, can make a new one? @_@

anyway, i wanted to say that Stormy is adorable! :heart:

he’s so adorable! :heart:

don’t think i did that right. x_x never did figure out how to quote from a closed thread really. .-.



He moved long enough to demand his dinner.


It’s been a beautiful day here - sunny, a little wind, and only in the low 80s. And best of all, not humid.

And I finally got my hair cut. I was “overdue” in March, when everything shut down, so you can imagine how shaggy I was. If I had to guess, she cut about 3" off the sides and back (and that’s after I made a poor attempt to trim it back a bit in late April). I feel human again! She’s been open for about a month now, but this is the first week she’s been at a normal business level. I’ve been waiting for things to calm down a bit before I went in, since I don’t really want someone with sharp objects to be grumpy or worse. Walked in, waited about 3 minutes, and just as I was about finished, the next customer came in.

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Psst, you locked it… Go ahead and make a new one.

The message was saying automatically closed after 5 hours.
Made me go “what?”


yeah, i saw that too. not sure what happened there. @_@

its nice here…though a bit too warm for my liking. such is to be expected with summer though. counting down the days till the cooler, crisp fall weather already. >.<

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Fixed it. :slight_smile:


You gota stop snoring all the rain should be over u not over here.

Cool artcile just shows what you can do if u put your mind to it


awesome, appreciate that.

i don’t mind a light drizzle really…have it be somewhat cool, but you can keep the “booms” and the “bangs” to yourself, thank you very much. :laughing:

been playing Raid: Shadow Legends lately…quite fun honestly…so far that is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Calgary alberta got hail damage totaled in billions of dollars


friend of mine posted pictures on FB. was pretty brutal, the damage caused. ._.

Hmm… not what it says here:

It would appear that the written rules say 30 minutes, not 15 minutes, and that anyone can start the thread at that point, not only the penultimate poster.

I can’t figure out what the deal is with fireworks is this year.
We seem to have explosions on and off all night every night, it’s been going on from mid may till right now. There are always some that start early for the 4th of July, but it’s never been like this before.

It doesn’t bother me, but for those with pets that don’t do well with this stuff, and those who have their PTSD triggered by it, this year must be bad.

Is it just here, or other places seeing this?

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Caught a colecanth and i donated it shouldve sold it but who knows when the next time it will rain and ill be on.

I always find it interesting in areas where there are no (or virtually no) rules on fireworks.

Growing up here in Ontario Canada, fireworks have always been limited to official holidays and that’s the only time they can be sold too. So we don’t end up with a whole lot of off-day fireworks thankfully.

My kids are pretty good sleepers, but some fireworks can be crazy!

Looks like we’re in for another hot spell too :frowning:

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The Last of Us pt. 2 has begun downloading.

Excitebike has begun revving. somehow i managed to evade all the spoilers


Spoiler alert
J/K im saving my space for ff7.

I think we’ve found another kitty. One for the kids. Taking them to meet her this afternoon.


I have not bought it yet as I just finished day 4 of 18. Need time to rest first haha.

We have a neighbor who sets off small ones at the end of every month. I’m glad we don’t live closer to him.