(CS LOUNGE):Happy Halloween

I had a lovingly-tended ignore garden. :<

The soil was salted and tilled so that nothing would ever sprout ever again. Alas, my plans have been foiled!


The infinite scroll doesn’t really bother me, but I’m used to Discourse-based forums.

I think you’re looking for scaling maybe?

I do like the fact that when someone else replies to a thread, it appears instantly.

Side note: I wonder if there’s still a 500 reply cap?


Not seeing any thing. Not sure how to do it yet.

Testing 123

Oh my … I don’t know if it was intended, but these new forums do not block me from posting in General Discussion. (I have zero active accounts, haven’t in over two years.)

That’s being rectified soon-ish. There was a post from a forum developer a little while ago.

Edit to add link: You don’t need a sub to post now!


Woah, the real-time typing and seeing everyone else typing will take some getting used to.


I saw a thread in GD about that too. A website Dev already replied and said it was unintended. They plan on blocking it again, which is likely for the best all things considered.


Saw a Blue post about this, apparently it’s a bug and they are gonna fix it.


Haha, good to know. That definitely seemed like an oversight. (I didn’t actually realize the suggested topics ran me off to other forums until I’d posted.)

EDIT: Did it just lock on me? Suddenly I can’t reply.

I almost missed that too! Thought it was just showing topics here, then noticed that there hadn’t been any here yet.

I have a feeling there will be new CS Lounges being created more frequently now that people can see when others are replying and the replies appear in real-time.

It’ll make it seem more like a chat room than a forum.


Just saw post you need to be lvl 10 to post… Rip to some


True, it does feel weird but cool at the same time. And there goes my stalking to forums at night, pretending that I’m not stalking them…

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Well, you can still lurk around. People can’t see who’s viewing a topic. Just who’s replying.

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Why can’t I reply? :sob:

EDIT: And suddenly I can again. GROWING PAINS!

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I usually turn that feature off in chats.

I’ll get used to it I guess.

Now the race for post count is on!
for some…

LOL, and now going back to a GD thread I don’t get the Reply option. I think that might have been a fast and sneaky fix in more than one step.

I figured out how to “ignore” another poster :nerd_face:

Click on the small icon of your posting character in the top right of the forums and choose the Cog Wheel for preferences.

Then choose the “Notifications” option on the left of the page and scroll down to “Mute” Pretty sure you just add the player’s name and realm there.

I think you can turn that off in the same place as described above too…haven’t tried it out yet though :wink:

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