[CS LOUNGE] Country roads, take me home

Gnome reasons. Definitely gnome reasons.


Ooohhh, thank you!!

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You are very welcome. :slight_smile:

Well, that Monday was good.

You know that turtle pie got me thinking. Luckily, it didn’t hurt.
Who’s heard from the Toitle? How is he?


Quick question to you beautiful CS lounging folks. If I boost a character with Trust Level 3 will I lose that access?

I’m thinking he was a common goal on the Stress Test.


I have no idea, however I’d expect Trust to be linked to Account and not Character. But of course that’s no guarantee. I wouldn’t be surprised if that came as an afterthought…

I ask because I know if you race change the character with TL3 and even keep the name, you lose it.

Guess we’re about to find out though, fingers crossed.:crossed_fingers:

Yeah race change is, as I understand it, internally ‘create a new character with such and such characteristics’ whereas a boost is ‘new level X with Y quests completed’.
The difference being the racial/class specific quests are difficult to retrofit cleanly.
Please, though, DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THIS.
edit: If you lose Forum privs I guess you could try asking accounts for an undo or something.

really enjoying the TV series Barry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_(TV_series)

I would think you would not lose the TL for a boost. Itnis just levels but same toon.

You could gain levels anyway naturally and should not lose it right? Seems to me to be the same.


Yeah, I’d agree. Though my comprehension of the internals of the game system stopped around Pandaria, I can’t imagine a reason why this aspect should change. Though there may well be a perfectly reasonable reason for it to do so.

Also, Catch 22 miniseries is very good. Any practically Australian so…


Nope! You’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Trust is linked to your characters’s name and server. So even if you decided to transfer to another server, you can get your trust level back by making a character with the same name on the same server as you were originally on to re-gain the TL3 (since the forums tracking only cared about name and server).

They’re hoping to make trust account-wide but we’re not there yet.


Thanks for the clarification, Perl. Super appreciated by me.


Can confirm. All is well in the world in TL3 world. Was a good sigh of relief haha.

Also, glad to hear that they’re considering making it account wide. That’ll be real nice.


Great to hear. And thanks so much for getting back to us on this to confirm this is how it is working… this week :wink:

All the best!


I am not going to lie.

That made me laugh more than it probably should have.

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I’m going away for almost a month, no WoW for a while. Going to try something I’ve never done and am not sure I’ll like, a “tour”, a vacation where someone else makes the schedule.
Sort of stuck with the lack of flexibility because it’s on a boat.

In 2000 I was sent to set up systems for our booth at a trade show in Düsseldorf (Drupa, printing/pre-press industry show). I got rail passes and my wife and youngest daughter flew over and met me in Frankfurt after the show and we spent some time vacationing in Germany, I was raised an Army brat and lived in Nürnberg (technically I lived in Fürth) when I was 12 to 15 years old, later I was stationed in Berlin when I was in the Army.

While we were there, I found out that a canal has been built connecting the Rhine to the Danube.
This means you could take a boat trip from the North Sea to the Black sea. I immediately told my wife we should see if anyone actually offered such a trip, she immediately informed me we couldn’t afford such a trip, couldn’t really afford the one we were on.

Upon arriving home and checking our held mail we had a brochure from Cornell (my wife’s alma mater) advertising that very trip. As this was obviously a sign from the fates, I said we should go. Upon reading the prices my wife said we could not unless we won the lottery that week. Then we won the lottery that week. All of a sudden “win the lottery” was “win the jackpot in the lottery” and in spite of her previous promise she refused to recognize our $15.00 prize as fulfilling the condition.

To break the impasse, I decided to consult a lottery expert for a third opinion. I explained the whole situation to the Haitian woman who sold the lottery tickets at the Seven Eleven and she said we should go. My wife still said we couldn’t afford it (and we really couldn’t back then).

Nineteen years later now and we have reservations on a Viking Tours boat from Budapest to Amsterdam, still doesn’t really fit in a conservative budget but doable now, so we’re going.


That was a great story. Grats on winning the lottery man. Can I borrow say $10. I’m good for it. We go back how long? I want to invest in emu milk. It will be the next big thing. You can get in on the ground floor of this opportunity.

I laughed at the winning and your wife not agreeing. Something my wife and I would do lol.

In other news got called in today. Boss is on vacation at Rocklahoma, so jelly. Cook takes care of her mom and her mom is sick.

She picked an easy day for me though. Burgers and fries. Check. Put a little groceries away and bounce. Will do the rest this weekend.